Work out in the sand

Work out in the sand. It may be over in summer, but the weather is still perfect for beach trips. Follow this comprehensive program to see instant difference throughout your body using minimal equipment. The sand will make the exercises a little more difficult for immediate results.

Exercise your legs, buttocks, abs and your hands.

1. Start with a four-minute walk on the sand and continue light jogging for two minutes. Make sure your hands are in sync with your feet and do not open your stride too much.

You perform 2 repetitions.

Exercise the oblique abdomen

2. Your body is seated on the sand with your knees bent and the tibia lying parallel to the ground. Your trunk is V-shaped with the thighs. Holding a small ball in your hands that is slightly bent at the elbows, you rotate alternately right and left touching the ball slightly on the ground each time.

Caution: Your movements should not be too intense and fast. If you have some tenderness in the waist, prefer the alternate bends of the torso while lying down, with the legs resting bent down and the torso resting on the ground, that is to say when you are shaving.

Perform three sets of 16 repetitions alternately (8 on each side)

Exercise your legs, buttocks, and abs

3. Your body is upright, hands are relaxed down and knees slightly bent. From this position, you perform upward jumps on the ground without bending your knees too much. You help with your hands to get the required push up. During landing, you make sure you kneel with your knees by bending them.

You perform three sets of 8 repetitions.

You train the wide back

4. Your body is in an upright position, with your right foot bent at the knee and the other nearly stretched with your nose to the ground. The torso is slightly bent forward with the right hand resting on the bent knee, while with the other you lift with the kettlebell towards your chest. In the reset, lower it vertically without stretching the elbow. Do the same on the other side.

Perform three sets of 12 repetitions on each side.

Exercise your chest and hands

5. Your body is in a position where your feet rest on a medicine ball and your hands are light in dimension with the palms resting on the sand. Bend the torso downwards and return without stretching the elbows. When bending, make sure you do not go too low to the ground while the neck should be straight with the spine with the eye looking low to the ground.

You perform three sets of 8 repetitions.

Exercise the triceps arm and supplement the chest

6. Your body is in a position where the hands are closer to the torso and the elbows slightly closed. From this position, you bend the torso downwards and return without elbows stretching. And here you take care not to get too low in traffic. The neck is straight with the spine and the eye looks low to the ground.

You perform three sets of 7 repetitions. If you find it difficult you can start with fewer repetitions and increase them gradually.

Work out in the sand

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