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Why our hair falls more in autumn

Why our hair falls more in autumn
Why our hair falls more in autumn. “In the fall, every year I lose a lot more hair than the rest of the year. Every morning when I brush them, I feel like removing handles. Some days it’s scary, I feel like I’m going to finish bald “confides Nathalie, 32 years old. As this young mother of a family, it is mainly women who suffer from these seasonal falls of hair. 
For hair specialist dermatologists, there is a scientific reason. As with tree leaves, there is a seasonal physiological variation in hair loss

Why our hair falls more in autumn
For most of us, this seasonal hair loss goes almost unnoticed. But for others, autumn is synonymous with anxietyIn October-November, some women sometimes fall two to four times higher than during the rest of the year, experts say. 

Why would some people be more sensitive to these seasonal variations? First, there is a genetic terrain. It is common for a man who loses his hair relatively young, to have a father or a grandfather who has cleared soon enough. Hormonal reasons, related to pregnancy, menopause or andropause, in humans, can play. In addition, trichologist dermatologists (hair specialists) blame certain environmental factors, such as sun, pollution or diet, for causing significant hair loss, particularly in young women. 

The solutions. To treat these temporary hair loss, specialists recommend combining oral and local treatments. First of all, you must know that the hair that has fallen is already dead for several weeks. Therefore, the hair treatments can not act on the fall itself, but mainly on the hair that will grow back.
“Among anti-falls lotions sold without prescription in pharmacy, I recommend local treatments based on minoxidil. Studies have shown that this molecule increases the life and quality of the hair. But, at the beginning of treatment, these lotions produce the opposite effect. They accelerate the turnover of the hair and during the first 15 days, we tend to lose even more hair.

Finally, oral vitamin supplements can be an effective ally. Iron, zinc or vitamin D for example, are essential nutrients to keep hair in good condition. We should not expect miracles, but it is to give a better fuel to his hair, especially if they are in a moment of weakness in autumn. When the loss of hair lasts several months and especially causes a suffering or a complex, the consultation with a trichologist dermatologist is necessary. These specialists have other effective treatments available only on prescription.
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