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Why breast size changes over time and how to care for it properly

Why breast size changes over time and how to care for it properly. Modern designers have started creating sexy bikinis for girls with large breasts. The bodyguard is at the forefront of the fashion industry, while natural nutrition is shifting to the covers of magazines.
How to take care of the décolleté area so that you look beautiful and healthy?

“Breast beauty involves many aesthetic factors. It is not just about size but also about shape. However, this mommy makeover surgeon in Texas suggests, rounded breasts are considered the most beautiful. What matters is the color of the breast, the size of the areola, which should ideally range from 38 to 42 millimeters; Pigmented spots on the chest. “

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Which Factors causing breast size change:

  1. Lactation and natural nutrition
  2. Weight fluctuation
  3. Hormonal changes
  4. Genetic factor
  5. Implants
  6. Impact of insolation
  7. Wrong bra selection

Be sure to choose lingerie according to your size and do not do sports without a solid bra. The skeletal function is performed by the mammary glands, which are easily formed under the skin, which also serves as a kind of “internal bra”. As a result of physical exertion, especially in the process of jumping, jogging, it changes shape, which causes a change in size.

Try to control your weight and avoid sudden corrections. Stable weight is the equivalent of maintaining a youthful appearance. Basically, it is no longer possible to return the forms after lactation. The same thing happens with heavy implants. A woman may be morally ready to undergo implants, but the mammary glands can not withstand the pressure and go down.

As for the skin, its photo-aging is a simple process if you do not take care of it properly. To avoid tanning, sunbathing, pigment spots, wrinkles and dehydration, it is necessary to use SPF, UVA and UVB protective creams. Do not forget that topless tanning is especially harmful.

After pregnancy, lactation and natural feeding, sudden weight gain and loss result in “stretch marks”, which are manifested by rupture of the dermis. Unfortunately, “stretch marks” can not be avoided, although various creams and oils are recommended for daily use. The fact is that the skin moisturizes and lifting patches create a protective layer that retains moisture. As a result, the skin stretches less and “stretch marks” appear in smaller quantities.

If your breasts have lost their original shape and beauty, the areolas have become quite large, they can be easily corrected through plastic surgery, but it is better to realize that all parts of your body should be loved as you are, and with proper care you will have less problems.

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