Which products cause abdominal fat and cheeks?

Which products cause abdominal fat and cheeks?
Which products cause abdominal fat and cheeks? Even while maintaining a healthy and healthy lifestyle, over time, we have the feeling that our belly is growing at cosmic speed. Firstly, it is related to meteorism, and secondly, to the rapid accumulation of fat around the pages.
This actually leads to food products. By exercising and exercising you will not be able to do anything without controlling your nutrition.

How to get rid of belly?

Products that promote fat accumulation in the abdomen are divided into two categories:
  • The first causes obesity and Creates a visually enhanced abdominal effect within hours of eating. These products do not increase weight, but visually increase volume.
  • The second category over time increases waist circumference and amount of fat, which means that we consume foods that promote fat growth.
The number of products that you visually enlarge but do not overlap, that is, cause abnormalities and increase in abdominal size in the light of:

mineral water

  • If you decide to wear a denim dress or jeans in the evening, refrain from drinking a carbonated drink. It causes the accumulation of gases, which results in overheating. This effect lasts for 1-3 hours. Drink ordinary water instead of mineral water, it will definitely eliminate discomfort.

Chewing gum and sweets without sugar

  • Any sweetener without sugar contains its substitute – xylite, sorbit and maltite. These substances are partially processed in the body, are low in calories and have a low glycemic index, which does not result in overheating, although in return, absorption, accumulation of gases and sometimes diarrhea are guaranteed.


  • It is no secret that cabbage is a cause of overgrowth and leads to increased meteorism. The vegetables themselves are low-calorie, you can eat them on a diet, but not on the days when you want to have a proper belly. However, the solution is: If you heat the cabbage thermally, the substances that contain it will dissolve and the meteorism will disappear.


  • The heaviest fruit to process is the grape, which is the first contributor to fertility. Try to eat at home, as even the person with the best abdominal press would have a hard time breathing. It has another disadvantage – a fairly high glycemic index, which causes insulin to accumulate, which means that the accumulation of fat around the waist is guaranteed.

Family of Parksmen

  • Representatives of legionnaires are among the causes of obesity, everyone knows. Our stomach lacks fast processing enzymes, which results in the absorption of nutrients from beans and any other leguminous plant family. Try not to include in the daily rations, otherwise discomfort and flatulence are guaranteed.
The second group of products not only accumulates gases but also promotes the active development of fat, which fall into this category:

Ice cream

  • Since ice cream contains a lot of sugar, it greatly increases blood glucose levels, resulting in the gastrointestinal tract producing a large amount of insulin. Gradually new fat cells develop just around the waist. However, like all cold dairy products, ice cream also accumulates gases, as it requires special processing conditions.


  • These are sweets that many diets in, although many do not know that zephyr is not considered low-calorie sweets. It causes an increase in blood sugar, an increase in insulin and, as a result, the accumulation of fats in the abdomen.


  • Yes, bread and cookies cause abdominal fat to accumulate. Yeast promotes the accumulation of gas in the stomach at a very rapid rate, resulting in lowered belly and cheeks.

Sweet carbonated drink

  • The first enemy is your ideal, sweet carbonated drink. It contains a lot of sugar, and diet drinks are a sugar substitute, so it turns out that both are equally harmful to your body.

Fast food products

  • Everyone loves the so-called. Fast food, and as a result, forget that such foods contain washcloths. They not only damage the body but are also powerful carcinogens. Washings cause an inflammatory process in the stomach, which results in more fluid being absorbed than other conventional foods. Because of this, the body’s gravity and discomfort are a constant process after consuming these foods.

Sausage and sausage

  • Semi-finished products are appealing to people with a dynamic life rhythm, but we often forget what they contain. Sausage and sausage is a nest of fats that causes inflammation in the stomach and rapid increase in fat. Manufacturers add a lot of sodium – flavor enhancers, which drive us to eat more than one slice.


  • White rice is processed quickly and lightly, but it promotes insulin production faster and results in higher fats. Rice porridge does not give the feeling of slicing. Consequently, we tend to eat more. Eating more calories is definitely a weight gain. If you are prone to weight gain in the abdominal area, observe the glycemic index of food intake, and do sports to highlight abdominal pressure.
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