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which foods you should never wash

Do you know which foods you should never wash ? And yet some foods can become dangerous to wash.


Mushrooms are like sponges. If you pour water on them, they will absorb it and will not throw it away except during cooking. As a result, they will lose their flavor, fill your food with water, and overcook them in order to get rid of the water. Also if you bake them, they will just soften, boil and taste much lower.

Remember that! Do not wash your mushrooms. Just shake them off the package and shake them lightly. In case they need cleaning, do it with paper surface or scrape with a knife in the affected area.

Prepared pre-washed salads

As always mentioned on their packaging, they are pre-washed, and carefully (3 times in fact). It is therefore unnecessary to wash them again and to risk their contamination by any bacteria that may already be present on the surfaces of your kitchen. They are ready to eat and you can put them directly on the plate. If now for other reasons special attention is required to the hygiene of raw vegetables (eg pregnancy), then you can in a clean bowl, pour plenty of vinegar and plenty of cool water. Leave for ten minutes and drain in a clean strainer.

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Fresh meat and poultry

Although in the past washing meat and especially poultry was considered necessary before cooking, new research says just the opposite! Not only do we not clean the meat but what we manage is to “smear” the bacteria on the entire surface of the food, in the sink, in the hands, in the next dish that we may prepare in our kitchen. The same goes for any other meat.

Clean hairs or any visible dirt with a piece of paper and place them directly in the cooking utensil, pan, or pot. The high temperature that will develop during cooking will kill any harmful bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses. All you have to do is clean the kitchen surfaces and utensils that you used and came in contact with the meat during the preparation.

Raw fish

The same goes for chicken and meat and fish, whether it is cleaned or filleted. If it is not cleaned, first scrape the scales and very carefully and without breaking them, remove the entrails. Only in this case, the abdomen wants a good wash with water. Let it drain and cook as usual.

Wash your hands and soiled surfaces thoroughly while cleaning.


We never wash the pasta before cooking and we never rinse it after it is cooked. Washing removes starch, which helps the sauce to bond perfectly with the pasta for perfect spaghetti. It will also be good, every time you cook spaghetti, before straining it, to keep some of the boiled water, which is rich in starch. This watery juice works wonders on your pasta when mixed with the sauce.


The eggs we buy are wrong to wash. If they definitely need cleaning, with a damp soft cloth we rub them where they should. The ideal of course is to buy eggs with a clean shell and intact, without cracks since the salmonella bacterium can infect the egg through cracks in its shell, which protects their interior from contamination.

If they are very dirty, rinse them with warm water and use them immediately.

In any case when we are going to eat a raw egg, we must be extra careful.

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