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Which foods help prevent cancer

Which foods help prevent cancer. The use of vegetables, fruits, cereals, and other fiber-rich foods is the best prevention of colorectal cancer, from which about 770 thousand people die every year in the world. This conclusion was made by British scientists on the basis of a study in which they studied the activity of fermenting bacteria of the digestive tract.

Scientists at the Babraham Institute in the UK have found in the human brain and intestines a high content of a substance secreted by fermenting bacteria of the digestive tract. It regulates the activity of DNA and inhibits the development of colorectal cancer. This was reported by Science Alert, citing an article in the journal Nature Communications.

The compound belongs to the class of short-chain fatty acids (short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), which are produced in the large intestine upon fermentation of dietary fiber by microbes. The same substances include butyric acid, which has an anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effect.

Modification of gene activity without introducing mutations is called epigenetic regulation. It can be realized in several ways, including through histones – proteins involved in the packaging of DNA strands. Histones are capable of winding nucleotide chains on themselves, interfering with the processes of transcription (realization of genetic information) and replication (DNA doubling). Upon histone acetylation (the addition of an acetyl group to them), the latter turns out to be less firmly bound to the genes. As a result, transcription factors freely “sit” on DNA and activate it.

Scientists have shown that SCFA, synthesized by bacteria that live in a healthy human colon, promotes DNA acetylation. Fatty acids block the work of an enzyme called histone deacetylase 2, which removes acetyl groups from DNA. Researchers introduced antibiotics into mice that killed most of the intestinal microflora. It turned out that at the same time both the concentration of SCFA and the level of histone acetylation fell.

About 770 thousand people die from colorectal cancer annually. The main way to prevent this disease is to consume fruits, vegetables, and cereals containing fiber.

Which foods help prevent cancer

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