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What type of exercise reduces fat around the heart?

What type of exercise reduces fat around the heart?
What type of exercise reduces fat around the heart? Exercise with weights may be more effective than aerobic exercise to protect against cardiovascular disease, as it reduces dangerous fat around the heart, scientists say:
Both forms of exercise proved to be effective in reducing fat around the heart in a small study group of obese participants.
However, bodyweight exercises, such as dumbbells or push-ups, worked best.

What type of exercise reduces fat around the heart?

One particular type of fat was reduced by almost a third in a three-month workout program that focused on weight training.
Scientists at Copenhagen University Hospital investigated 32 people who, while obese and not exercising regularly, had no other heart problems or diabetes.
Participants randomly selected a 12-week exercise program, either by weight training or aerobic exercise – on a fitness bike – or by choosing not to exercise.
Each participant underwent a magnetic resonance scanner, which scanned his heart before and after the exercise program, to examine two types of heart tissue: epicardial adipose tissue and pericardial adipose tissue.
Both forms of exercise helped to reduce epithelial adipose tissue. Aerobics resulted in a reduction of 32% while weights of 24%.
However, weight training alone resulted in pericardial adipose tissue, which decreased by 31%.
The research team did not combine endurance and muscle strength training, but confirmed that at least one of the two types of workout is particularly beneficial, compared to the complete lack.
The scientists did not explain why weight training showed better results and added that “more research is needed in the future to adequately investigate this relationship.”
“A combination of exercise, of any form, and a balanced diet has the best effect on reducing fat around the heart,” the researchers conclude.
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