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What not to eat when you have a cold

What not to eat when you have a cold. At this time we need to be careful, in particular, try not to hurt ourselves … in order to warm up.
It is no secret that in the frost we all want to warm ourselves. So, these foods not only avoid when you have a cold but in the cold winter season also you not to eat those foods.  It can be mulled wine, hot chocolate, or soup. But sometimes it is not recommended to use these “heaters” before going out on the street.


Honey is amazingly useful for colds, but it turns out it can also cause colds. The thing is, honey has a strong warming effect, especially if it comes with tea or You will get it along with other hot drinks. Even one teaspoon of honey that you eat in a warm kitchen can cause a cold and you will immediately go into the cold.

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As you know that ginger is good for various diseases and is especially useful for colds. This is indeed the case, but after taking ginger tea there can be no sharp change in temperature. This may also cause a cold. Therefore should not eat ginger when you have a cold.


The spices, the addition of which we love very much in mulled wine, also have a warming effect on the body. Therefore, before going out in the cold, do not take drinks with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, and more …


Very often in the frost, a person is warmed with cool drinks – vodka, cognac – but the warming effect obtained with this drink is not long-lasting. The fact is that the alcohol initially dilates the blood vessels, then causes them to constrict sharply. That is why the heatwave first suddenly hits the body, and then soon cools it down worse. So, better do not take too much alcohol when you are in cold.

Another danger: the feeling is diminished when exposed to alcohol. We think we are warming up, but in reality, this is not the case. In severe frosts, we may relax and not notice how we froze.

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This citrus contains a large amount of vitamin C and other useful substances. They should definitely be taken to boost immunity, but taking orange or its juice to warm it up is not right. The fact is that the fruit, on the contrary, cools the body. That is why it is better not to eat it when going out in the cold. In a warm building, of course, enjoy as much as you want.

Then What to eat when you have a cold in the frost, or for example, in the snow, skiing?

  • It will be good if we look at the following hot foods: hot vegetables but not very hot soup, warm tea with herbs; You can also enjoy warm cocoa. They will even warm you up and give you strength. And mulled wine or tea with honey and ginger is best served after returning home warm

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  1. I have shared this with my friends, In this December now getting too cold, Most of them don’t know ”What not to eat when you have a cold”. Quality article about eating habits of the winter season. Thanks, Dinesh Gamage


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