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Weight loss challenge 2021

In a weight loss challenge 2021, society where a tremendous variety of food is available, in increasingly large portions, the only way most people can control their weight is to be… preoccupied with food. Plan meals, plan exercise sessions to burn calories, and never let a day go by without wondering what to eat, how much to eat or how much exercise is left.

Weight loss challenge 2021, ideas

When trying to lose weight by skipping the donut tray, the caramel machine makes sticking to your diet much harder. But encouraging your workplace to get in touch with you can make some of these temptations go away. People may not bring the pleasures – or at least you will have new determination to avoid them. When others in your office are addicted to losing weight, or you know they will hit you if you do not, your motivation to stick to your diet intensifies. Create an office weight loss challenge 2021 to create healthy competition and camaraderie. One person can win, but everyone benefits from becoming healthy.

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feasible and desirable to the average participants. A study published in a 2012 issue of Obesity found that when people are supported and inspired, as by their peers, they are more likely to lose weight. Of the more than 3,000 people studied in the study, group support patients were 6 to 20% more likely to achieve weight loss by 5%.

Weight loss competition

Set a start and end date. The six, eight, 10 and 12 weeks are enough for the participants to make changes without resorting to drastic measures of their body. These periods are also short enough for people not to lose focus and interest. Set specific dates during the time frame for formal weighing, for example, weekly or every other week on Monday or Friday. You can also offer a small prize every few weeks to someone who has shown great commitment or progress. This will keeps the interest in the program high and actively.

Weight loss challenge 2021, rules

Identify the winner as a percentage of the total weight loss and not the total weight loss. Heavier people can lose weight faster and will automatically gain an advantage. For example, you need to determine the number of pounds you have lost and subtract it from your original weight to calculate your weight loss rate. People may estimate that their actual weight will not be published either because you will post scores based on the loss rate – not the actual weight.

Participants are prohibited from using methods for weight loss, such as starvation, diet pills, water pills and laxatives. Encourage people to lose weight by eating whole, unprocessed foods and moving more. Create a daily lunch walk and share the recipes with the participants. The inconvenience of competing competitors should be discouraged by enticing them with pleasures.

Preparation and invitation of participants

Bring a scale to the office for formal scales. Balances tend to vary accurately, so it is fairer if everyone weighs the same. Also, decide on any incentives that your office mates will be excited about participating. Maybe you all have contributed $ 25, and the winner gets the jackpot. Or you could offer gift cards, exercise clothes, socks, jump ropes, stability balls or a great fitness prize.

Mail brochures, email and talk in the fridge. Post the challenge in the company newsletter and at the wellness center, if you have one. Decide if you want the competition to be individual or in groups, with groups of two to four. Team-based programs can create more motivation to stick to the plan and make the competition more social, as people do not want to let their teammates down. However, a single competition is easier for smaller offices and ensures that no one is left out. Make it clear that participation in the challenge is entirely voluntary.

Weight loss mental challenge

78% of North American women and 64% of men are currently on a diet or trying to lose weight. 70% of women consider that they weigh above their ideal weight. Why so hard to control your weight? Why is it so difficult to keep off the extra pounds?

This more or less collective failure to maintain a healthy weight is explained, according to motivational researchers Polivy and Herman, by the “False Hope Syndrome”, the characteristic pattern borrowed when one wants to lose weight for the first (or umpteenth:

1. Dieting is going to be easy . I’ll get back on my feet, I’ll eat spinach, make myself smoothies for  a couple of weeks, then my love handles will be ridding in no time! “

2.  Commitment. “Wow, I feel so much better since deciding to lose weight. I tell my friends about it, I feel so proud of myself for having changed my habits. “

3.  First pounds lost. “ Yes!  I lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks,  rock on! ”

4.  The (dreaded) plateau. “Come on, I’ve been giving myself completely for 3 weeks and I haven’t lost anything,  nada , not a single gram… It’s useless this diet which is rotting my life… I’m going to comfort myself with a good poutine, j ‘can’t hold back anymore’.

5. Failure to lose weight / regain lost weight. “This diet was not for me at all, I should try a different one. Maybe I didn’t train enough, that I should have gone to the gym more often… ”

It is exactly the thoughts of the last step, supposed to rationalize failure, that make so many people try again and again to lose weight in vain. Only to feel more and more depressed, crappy and stupid.

So what explains why 5% of all people determined to lose weight actually do? Because they are lucky? Not at all.

conditions are necessary for weight loss challenge 2021:

1. Significant social support , hence the great advantage of being able to train with friends, better half, family, dog, name it. 

2. A so-called “autonomous” thought structure.  Take control! Swap your usual little inner voice “This summer I want everyone to compliment me on my bikini bodysuit”  or “If I don’t lose 30 pounds by Christmas, I’m really going to blame myself” for a more confident one. “Losing weight is very important to me and I will do whatever I can to stay healthy.” 

3. Make a plan. We cannot escape it! Filling the fridge with nutritious food, planning each workout for the week (what day, how long, what exercise) is scientifically proven to be beneficial in creating new lifestyles. And that goes for all other aspects of everyday life. 

4. Respect the genes… and our well-being. It is extremely important to respect your body and its needs. Losing weight too drastically often leads to uncontrollable “cravings” for food after too much deprivation and a drop in metabolism constantly in “starvation” mode. For my part, for example, I could very well lose 10 or 20 pounds in the next few months, but I would feel miserable and frustrated, giving up all the treats! That’s why I prefer to stay happy at my current healthy weight.

Most importantly, losing extra pounds shouldn’t be a quest to fit into a “trendy” aesthetic mold, but to simply feel better about yourself, just the way we are.

Good luck, with respect for oneself! Please share weight loss challenge 2021 with others.

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