Ways to control your anger

Ways to control your anger. Anger is a feeling that is involved in negative emotions and is often associated with things like anxiety, frustration, and pain.

Anger can be ‘outward’, and you can be angry and express it to others in your environment, or it can be ‘inward’, to yourself.

We cannot and must not avoid the issues and situations that make us angry, but we can and must control our reactions, which can be extreme, violent, aggressive or destructive to our relationships and which may later on us make us regret what we said or did.

How anger works

Many times anger is experienced as a stimulant and pushes the person to some emotional relief that becomes overwhelming and intense. In these cases, the person tries to restrain him but it is not easy to hide or overtake him.

The oppressed anger remains anger that is not allowed to be genuinely expressed and transformed into another emotion and can take forms of fear, bitterness, guilt, and even depression.

No human being, however, educated, civilized he is, is exempt from this basic feeling.

Anger does not mean hatred, but it is manifested in people we love. In this case, anger becomes “functional” as it motivates us to mobilize and redefine our relationships and desires.

Failing our anger does not even break my relationships. The relationship will only break when it has no solid foundations.

If we clear the emotion in the here and now, giving the opposite to understand what is bothering us and leading us to anger, no relationship is destroyed, no hatred is fostered and no intense and violent outburst of rage will be triggered over time.

Let’s see Ways to control your anger

Anger management strategies


It is important to know when we are starting to get angry. Anger has specific physical manifestations: the face is frozen, the lips are tightened, the muscles are stretched, there is tension in the jaws and mouth, the look becomes fierce, the breath becomes sharper and the color of the skin becomes pale.

When we detect these signs, it is advisable to interrupt the conversation and leave the room in order to avoid acting in a slow mood.

I’m thinking

We need time to think so that we can manage our anger, but also to reflect on the consequences that we will have if we say or do something that we will later regret.

We can measure up to 10, take deep breaths, calm down, relax the tension in our movements.

I’m taking a break

A smart move is to turn our attention to some other activity that will help us to relax and relax.

It is best to engage in some physical activity or harness our humor so that we have time to think about what exactly made us angry.


We feel anger and express it. We take responsibility for the emotion we feel, acknowledge our mistakes, and share our feelings and thoughts with each other.

We need to make clear to the other what exactly is what has angered us, as well as our expectations of the other.

We talk with respect and we seek a climate that is peaceful and appropriate so that everyone can express their feelings.

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