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Water consumption enhance slimming?

Water consumption enhance slimming? Every person has their own dietary preferences and there are countless diets based on different foods. However, water is an essential part of every person’s diet as it is the second essential ingredient in our life after oxygen.

But Water consumption enhance slimming?

Numerous studies have found that people who drink a lot of water in a diet lose more weight than those who drink less.

Why does water enhance slimming?

Researchers say that drinking water before a meal can help you lose weight. In two studies, the researchers noted that participants who drank 500 ml of water half an hour before each meal lost more weight than those who did not.

Water has no magical slimming properties. But it certainly has the capacity to bring about a feeling of satiety. After all, it is strikingly common to confuse thirst with hunger, so consuming water during the day can reduce sudden sluggishness and thus lead to reduced calorie consumption. As is known, reduced-calorie consumption is what results in reduced weight.

Also, unlike most beverages, water does not contain calories. Even healthy beverages, such as natural juice, smoothies and tea with natural sweeteners, add calories to the body. So each time you choose water instead of another beverage, you save calories.

In short, water is not a “slimming elixir”, but by incorporating plenty of water into your diet, it will certainly facilitate and enhance your effort to lose weight.

Alternative options…

Choose carbonated water: Certainly, carbonate-containing makes it more interesting, as long as you make sure you choose one that does not contain sweeteners.

Make your own fruit juice: You can make your water a little more impressive and delicious by adding your favorite fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The longer you leave them submerged in water, the more intense the taste will be. The combinations you can create are endless, just put your imagination to work!

Adjust the temperature: Water does not have to be frozen. In fact, many people find it difficult to drink when it is cold. Water at room temperature can be consumed more easily.

Tip: In order to drink a lot of water and to be constantly hydrated, it is advisable to always carry a cucumber or a bottle of water with you. So you will see it all the time and never forget to drink.

What about lemon water?

You’ve probably heard that a glass of lemon juice in the morning enhances weight loss. It is a famous practice, which has been adopted by many celebrities and has been making the rounds of the Internet for years.

However, what is really the case? Is this another eating legend?

When you wake up, your body has an urgent need to hydrate. Water alone has the capacity to hydrate the body as well as to remove the body’s waste through diuretics.

Lemon, on the other hand, has the ability to help digestion, counteract swelling and reduce appetite. However, the few drops of lemon juice you add to your water is not enough to provide the above benefits.

At the same time, when you consume lemon on an empty stomach, you risk irritating your stomach and ending up with heartburn because of the acidity of the lemon.

As for the ability of lemons to enhance slimming, there is no relevant research to confirm this.

Therefore, lemon juice does not enhance your effort to lose weight. But if the pleasant taste of lemon is what makes you drink water in the morning, then continue this habit as long as your stomach is not disturbed. In this case, drink the water plainly, it will be just as useful!

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