HomenutritionVitamin D How important to our body

Vitamin D How important to our body

Vitamin D How important to our body. The need for this vitamin is directly linked to our health and the prevention of serious diseases.

Vitamin D is synthesized by our orgasms when exposed to sunlight. Most of it is therefore produced and absorbed when exposed to the Sun. Another small percentage of it is absorbed through food. A person can also boost their vitamin D intake through certain foods or supplements. In essence, it is not just a vitamin but a hormone.

The benefits

It helps to have strong bones and teeth. It directly affects our mental health as it is directly related to the nervous system and its function. Immune suppressor is more especially shielded when D is combined with vitamin C.

It affects the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It prevents the influenza virus and other diseases from pathogenic microorganisms. It also plays a key role in controlling high blood pressure or hypertension. It regulates how the brain works and moods while keeping it at a normal level.

It greatly affects the body weight and fat distribution. A study showed that people with higher levels of vitamin D3 lost more weight and fat from the “right” spots. Some other studies have reported that it reduces the overall risk of death (presumably from diseases that would be caused by chronic deficiency).


Fatigue, apathy, and muscle aches are just the beginning of a lack and failure phase. When they become chronic, the problems increase, intensify and multiply.

In cases of chronic insufficiency, there is an increased risk of serious to very serious health problems. These can be osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, rickets, decreased muscle and bone strength. Poor oral health with gingivitis and periodontitis because the denture is worn out.

People with chronic deficiency and deficiency are more likely to die of some form of heart disease or the collapse of the nervous and supportive system of bone and muscle. And mood is directly affected, as it regulates other hormones or substances such as serotonin. That’s why in the winter months most people have a decline.

If someone has problems even in the slightest form, they should consult their doctor who will, in turn, administer D3 supplements,


Salmon, oysters, shrimp (fish in general) and eggs have the vitamin. However, each has a different quantity. A portion of say salmon over-covers the daily needs of the body in D3. The main way to get sun is to sunbathe for a few minutes a day.

Usually, the palms, hands, wrists, and feet need to be struck by light for immediate absorption. When one, however, does not want to be exposed to the sun for personal preference or health reasons then things change. And if we add cases where some people are genetically unable to synthesize D3, the use of supplements is necessary and necessary.

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