Vegetarian lightens for your Life

Vegetarian lightens for your Life
Vegetarian lightens for your Life. Vegetarian food is generally considered healthy and light. However, this is not always the case. Vegetarians can also choose unhealthy and they will also have extra pounds. The diet of many vegetarians may include a lot of chocolates, chips, candies, and it is not a lighter or healthier pepperone version.
There are many vegetable diets. Vegan does not eat any animal: no milk, no egg or even gelatin. Instead, the lactovegetarist accepts milk and lacto-ovovegetar in his diet, but also the egg. Sometimes vegetarians also include people who also eat fish, and some even chicken. In fact, these two latter do not differ significantly from the traditional mixed diet nutritionally.
Vegans are usually normal weight, although in theory this diet can overweight, but in practice it is quite difficult. Instead, people who use dairy products (and chicken eggs) in their diet have the same chances of gaining weight as a mixed eater. Here, I treat the lacto-and-lacto-ovarian diet.


  • eat regularly
  • a great deal of veggies (this will probably happen)
  • Avoid hidden grease
  • favored fiber-rich grain products
  • take adequate care of your protein intake
  • favored vegetable fat
  • Avoid sugar and white grain

Important proteins

When lightening, it is important that enough protein is obtained, up to a quarter of the energy can come from the protein. Protein intake may be a vegetarian in the lower stomach and should be given special attention. Vegetable products contain protein, but it is not biologically as good as animal protein. The plant protein must be obtained from several sources and thus provide the human with all the necessary amino acids of the protein. In practice, this means that the vegetarian must eat both legumes or nuts every day, or cereal or potatoes. Dairy products (and chicken eggs) complement protein intake and quality.
In the vegetarian dish model, half of the plate is filled with vegetables, a quarter of rice, pasta or potatoes and another quarter with beans, lentils or soy products. It is important that at least one meal is eaten with beans or soy products to get enough protein.


  • soybeans and products
  • other beans and lenses
  • almonds and nuts
  • seed
  • mushrooms

Jars, dried or fresh beans?

There is little difference in the nutritional content of cans and dried beans. Of course, the beans stored in the jar have some salt. The cans can be used directly for food. Unlike dried beans, they do not need to be pre-treated. You should always keep the cans in the closet, prepare them for a fast-food meal. Dried beans must be soaked before use and the cooking time is quite long. It is advisable to cook the dried beans at a higher dose at once and then freeze them as suitable doses. The lenses are rinsed before use and their cooking time is shorter than the beans. See detailed instructions on the side of bean and lens bags. Freshly eaten green beans are tasty vegetables, but their protein content is not among the other beans.

Favors whole grain

White cereals and sugar should be avoided. It will only be a waste of energy, with little nutrients and a lot of blood sugar. Bread, porridge, pasta and rice are good for the vegetarian. When choosing these products, it is good to look at the fiber content: in the bread and porridge, the fiber is close to 10-15%, in the pasta and rice it is 6%.

Good fat

Vegetarians usually get less saturated fat than dieters. However, for the sake of certainty, I would remind you to use oils for cooking food, margarine for bread and nuts and almonds, but certainly reasonably.

Is vegetarian better than mixed food?

A well-assembled mixed diet is just as healthy as a well-prepared lactovegetar diet. Vegetarian food is therefore not automatically a healthier option, but well-made vegetarian food also brings a nice variation to the diet of the miser. One vegetarian meal a week is not a bad thing. At lunch, you can sometimes have a vegetarian option as long as it doesn’t swim in cream and cheese.

Vegetarian lightens for your Life

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