Types of panties and how to choose them

Types of panties and how to choose them. Many people wonder what a pantie is, and it is one of the pieces of clothing, but many of them don’t know how to choose panties. Underwear has become popular with many women in recent times. Where the pantie is the piece of undergarment, worn by women in the region. And many differ on their different types, as well as the shapes because it is one of the pieces that have many different types. It is also manufactured from many different types of fabrics, to suit all ages and tastes. Thus, the answer to this question will be in short, that it is the underwear for women that are worn to cover the lower area.

Underwear history

Don’t you say that people really didn’t wear underwear in ancient times? The earliest Everyone doesn’t wear underwear. Why don’t you wear underwear? Actually, this is easy to understand. Such as the Neolithic, The typical dress at that time was a whole piece of fabric wrapped around the body, even without sleeves, let alone pants and panties.

The main thing that everyone wears next to them is the “robes”. These gowns are long and wide and can cover people very tightly. It is said that the pants are actually two straps on the two trouser legs.

The most important thing is that it does not completely expose the vital parts of the crotch , and the front and back are not covered. It is a bit like the open crotch pants that I wore when I was young.

Convenient to work in a calf jacket, Especially farmers, servants, or soldiers who work and wear long robes when they are in action is really unspeakable. So I have to wear this, which has become a sign of the poor. Because only poor people work. The rich and nobles don’t need it at all. This time, high society generally disdains to wear underwear, and Underpants became a sign of the poor.

In the 19th century, European women were obsessed with huge skirt lining. Although it looked extremely good-looking, because the material of the huge skirt was hard to design, they had to raise the skirt when they sat down. They had to put on panties so that they did not run out.

In 1935, The famous underwear manufacturer Jockey sold the world’s first panties with Y-shaped stitching on the front piece in Chicago. The true sense of the panties finally appeared.

What is the effect of panties?

The reason why men need to wear underwear is because of the physical characteristics of men. The younger brother needs underwear to restrain them so that men can be comfortable and not embarrassed during exercise and walking, just like women need to wear a bra. So why do women have to wear underwear or panties? Can I not wear it? What is the function of panties?

Many women also have such doubts, so many bold women have begun to try not to wear pantie. A large number of women wear underwear only when they go out, and do not wear underwear at home. There are many women who insist on wearing underwear because of the following reasons.

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Why women need panties?

1. Protect the privacy and hygiene

Women’s private parts are susceptible to bacterial infection. Without panties, the private parts have a larger area of ​​contact with bacteria and are more susceptible to infection. Women’s private parts often secrete some leucorrhea and other substances. Yellow substances will be produced when the pantie is worn for a day. If you don’t wear a pantie, the secretion of women’s private parts will be contaminated on the pants. If the secretion is too much, like summer When wearing thin pants, the pants will penetrate to the outside, which is embarrassing and unhygienic.

2. Shame and beautiful

Wear pants or skirts without underwear. If you forget to close the zippers of your pants, or your pants jump, you can imagine the embarrassment of not wearing underwear. Many women feel that privacy is too private and not good-looking. They need a pantie to cover them, which will make them look more beautiful. Now the pantie is made very sexy. Wearing underwear will make you look better and more attractive. It is more attractive than not wearing a pantie.

3. Comfortable wearing pantie

The fabric of trousers is generally hard, and the tailoring of the crotch is the place where many clothes are spliced. If you don’t wear a pantie and wear trousers directly, the stitching edge of the crotch will rub against privacy, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. In addition, the crotch of the pants is very low. Actions such as sitting down and squatting will shrink the crotch. If there is no cushioning of the pantie, the crotch edge will be very tight. There will also be cases where the pants are stuck in the bottom, and you have to pull out the pants secretly.

4. Easy to replace and clean pantie

If you don’t wear pantie, just wear your pants, even if you change your pants every day, do your pantie dry quickly? It’s OK to wash your underwear by hand at ordinary times. If your pants are contaminated with secretions, do you also need to wash your pants every day? Think about it and feel that the workload is very large.

Let’s see Types of panties and how to choose them.

Types of panties and how to choose them

There are many different types of underwear for women, which many people choose from among the different types, because they carry many shapes and types, in addition to the fabrics involved in their manufacture, which may fit some, and not suit others, and among the types of panties following:

Transparent pantie

  1. This type is considered one of the popular panties, which are preferred by many women, and it is called the Lacy hipsters genre.
  2. The most important feature of this type is that it is short, in addition to being very transparent, and therefore it is not suitable for all times.
  3. As it is most often worn with sleeping clothes, and lingerie, due to its being short and transparent.
  4. Thus, it is considered one of the important types, which no home is without because it is very comfortable during wearing.

Supporting pantie

  1. The supportive pantie is one of the most preferred types of lingerie for women.
  2. This is because it is one of the clothes that gives a great feeling of comfort while wearing it, and it is also suitable for women in the stage of pregnancy.
  3. It contains a somewhat long area, which reaches the abdomen area, and works to cover it completely.
  4. Thus, it is suitable for girls who suffer from an enlarged stomach or rumen area, as it helps to shrink that area.

Long pantie

  1. This type is also preferred by some, but it is suitable for certain times.
  2. As it is characterized by being a long piece, which closely resembles men’s underwear.
  3. And this type carries the shape that is semi-rectangular in its design.
  4. And accept many women to wear this type of many other different types, because it is long.
  5. Consequently, if it is worn under clothes, it does not appear, especially when leaving the house.
  6. As it is known that if the short types are worn, they appear in the form of lines under the clothes; Which causes embarrassment for many women.
  7. Thus, this type is the best among the many other types, especially if you wear it before going out.

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Bikini Pantie

  1. As for this type, it is considered one of the most widespread types among many women.
  2. It is one of the types that are very small in size, in addition to being designed in bright colors.
  3. It is also a very comfortable type for many, because it is not very small, nor is it wide and baggy, it is medium and therefore comfortable.
  4. There are many different designs, among which there are straps on both sides of the pantie.

Now you know what are the types of panties and let’s see how to choose them.

Panty made from cotton

  1. This type is considered one of the most common and widespread among many women, because it is made of cotton cloth.
  2. Thus, it gives a feeling of great comfort while wearing it for women, and it is suitable for all times.
  3. Where it can be worn at home and while going out, and it is one of the types recommended by doctors, because the cotton cloth prevents some skin infections that affect that area.
  4. Thus it is the best type ever, and there are many different shapes, and it is designed in attractive shapes.

The pantie made of satin

  1. As for this type, it is also one of the distinctive types, because it is very comfortable to wear.
  2. But it does not fit all women, because it is made of satin fabric, and therefore it does not fit all times.
  3. It includes many different shapes, as well as various designs, in addition to bright and glossy colors.

Pantie with a towel

  1. For this type of women’s underwear, it is of the regular and old types.
  2. Which has spread for many years, and it is one of the types that suit all times, so it can be worn at home or while out.
  3. This type has many different designs and colors, but is well designed, mostly made of cotton fabric.
  4. This type is equipped with a small piece of cloth for a towel, which is designed to absorb the secretions of the woman.
  5. Many women may feel uncomfortable at the beginning of wearing this type, but after that, they get used to it.
  6. There is also a large group of women that prefer this type, because it is very comfortable.

Pantie and Wonder Teams

  1. Many women wonder about the difference between panties or underwears, which are underwear.
  2. And there is no difference of any kind between underwear and one another, which in Arabic are called shorts or underwear.
  3. While in English it is called pantie, while in French it is called chillot, which itself is the rarest.
  4. Consequently, there is no difference in the meanings between these previous words, all of which lead to the same meaning, which is women’s underwear.

How to choose the right pantie for women

There are many tips that a woman must follow when choosing underwear, among the different types available, and among the methods of choosing the right one, you should follow the following points:

  1. In the event that a woman suffers from sensitive skin, it is necessary to stay away from types that are made of satin or silk fabrics in general.
  2. In this case, the best type for women is clothes that are made of cotton only.
  3. And when wearing lingerie, it is best to wear short types, which are made of attractive fabrics and shapes.
  4. And when wearing dresses or clothes intended for going out, it is in this case that we must choose long types, which are very similar to shorts.
  5. This is because it does not show up from under the clothes, nor does it show streaks from either side.
  6. In addition, it is necessary to choose the types that are soft to the touch and make women feel comfortable.
  7. Among the things that must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate clothes for women is that they are light from the backside, so as not to appear from the bottom of the different outdoor clothes.

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