Tips for a gleaming smile

Tips for a gleaming smile. The cheapest way of grooming is a … smile! Think about how much beauty and charm add a true and up-to-date smile to our faces. A smile from the heart shows happy thoughts and drives others into positive emotions.

But how can we get a sparkling smile and healthy teeth?

1) Proper brushing

Proper tooth brushing should take more than 2-3 minutes, although most people do so in less than 30 seconds. Brushing duration is important because no other part of our body has as much germ concentration as our mouth.

2) Use of dental floss

The dental floss completes the proper brushing because there are points where the toothbrush does not reach and in this case, the use of dental floss is the only alternative.

3) Pay special attention to some foods

The germs to start destroying the teeth produce acids that are abundant in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates contain, in addition to sweets and chocolates, fruits, cookies, crisps, popcorn and more. Therefore, a good brushing after these meals is necessary to remove food residues.

4) When we can’t brush our teeth

If you can’t brush your teeth after each meal, rinse your mouth with plenty of water to remove most food from the teeth, says a Lewis Center orthodontist.┬áSugar-free chewing gum also helps clean teeth because saliva acts as a natural shield against the build-up of acids in the mouth.

5) Do Not Brush Your Teeth

Highly Brushing your teeth too hard is likely to damage them. Teeth and gums are a living organism. No power is needed to remove food from our teeth. The high pressure causes gingivitis, enamel cracks, and delicate teeth. Make smooth, synchronized movements.

6) Coffee and Cigarette

Coffee is one of the biggest threats to your smile as it penetrates the enamel and paints your teeth, destroying their natural white color. The same is true of nicotine found in cigarettes.

Tips for a gleaming smile

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