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Three scientific tips for easy slimming

Three scientific tips for easy slimming. Big, dramatic changes in your diet can help you lose weight initially but are usually not sustainable in the long run. This can lead to a change in your weight, which will do no harm to your metabolism or your morale.

So the best way to lose weight is by making small changes to your diet that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle.

By keeping healthy foods somewhere near you and brushing your teeth after dinner, you will be able to ease your weight, but these are not the only tricks that can help you …

Three small changes to the way you eat your meal can help you lose weight

1. Sit at the table and use dishes

While you may be tempted to pinch some crisps and eat them upright in the kitchen, you will eat significantly less if you sit in the chair and use a plate.

In a recent Appetite magazine survey, participants were offered pasta and then snacks. Those who ate pasta from the tap while standing up consumed a greater amount of food and therefore more calories than those who enjoyed their meal while sitting and eating from a plate.

When you sit down to eat, you eat more concentrated and better appreciate what you eat and whether you are full.

2. Start your meal with water-rich foods

The adequate hydration is essential for your overall health and enhance weight loss. To feel full longer, make sure you eat a soup or a salad before your main meal.

By combining water with food, you will be able to have a lasting feeling of satiety.

In the Scientific Research of  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, participants who first drank water and then ate chicken were then starved faster than those who drank water first and then ate chicken soup.

3. Use forks instead of spoons

According to a 2016 Australian study, if you use a spoon to eat pasta, rice or beans, you are more likely to eat more. Researchers had found that participants who chose a spoon to eat foods that could be eaten with either a fork or a spoon ended up consuming more food per bite and per meal, while also having a higher body weight.

This is explained by the fact that the spoon holds a larger amount of food and enables it to eat faster and longer.

The message that you are full is only about 20 minutes after you have consumed the first mouthful of food. Therefore, it is easy to eat more than you need to and realize when it is too late.

So to make it less eatable, so opt for the fork and continue eating until you feel full, not until you pop out of the food.

Three scientific tips for easy slimming

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