This is the best time to exercise- according to science

This is the best time to exercise, according to science. If you were wondering what the best time to work out is, you are lucky, science gave the answer: at 6 pm.

Scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi asked young athletes to do weight training at various times of the day and measured their results. Although all participants made similar progress in their strength, those who exercised at 6 in the afternoon gained greater muscle mass than those who exercised in the morning. In addition, the “afternoon” athletes remained slightly finer than the rest until the experiment was completed.

The findings are in line with biology, as metabolism tends to decrease during the day and afternoon fitness stimulates it, allowing you to burn more calories later.

Also, related research suggests that afternoon workouts are effective in managing stress and improving sleep quality, two factors that are directly linked to weight loss.

What to keep in mind…

In any case, exercise is the best way to burn calories and increase your muscle mass, regardless of time. Therefore, if you are not able to work out at 6 pm, do not worry: any time is right, as long as it serves you.

This is the best time to exercise- according to science

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