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The unexpected benefits of Gymnastics

The unexpected benefits of Gymnastics. From boosting heart and lung function to losing weight and relieving the symptoms of depression, there are countless reasons to wear our sportswear and start bending. However, a number of benefits of exercise are felt only after we take off the overalls. No, we are not talking about the glory days that our quadrupeds know, but about improving our performance and – most importantly – our enjoyment during sex. But how does our physical condition affect the moments we spend under the sheets?

Increases quantity

It is not certain whether it is related to the fact that most people find fit bodies more attractive or whether it is related to the tendency of sports people to look for new senses or activities. However, the fact remains: Research has shown that those who exercise more have correspondingly increased sexual intercourse.

Improves quality

One of the biggest benefits of exercise for our health is improving blood circulation in our body. This in turn directly affects the quality of our sex life. On the one hand, men are at reduced risk of erectile dysfunction, while for women, better blood flow means increased feeling and greater pleasure.

Expands options

Unfortunately, sex is not able to improve our physical condition, but that does not mean that it is not a demanding physical activity. From breathing to our ability to stay in that position for a long time, our stamina – which can be greatly increased through exercise – directly affects our ability to enjoy sex as much as we can. And of course, the flexibility that dance, martial arts, or yoga training can give us, guarantees increased margins for experimentation.

It keeps us young

All of the above may not concern young people as much. As we grow older, however, we are more likely to realize that our spirit is willing, but the flesh is unable to follow it. Research has shown that sixty-year-olds who exercise regularly enjoy the same amount and quality of sex as people who are even twenty years younger. So exercise maybe what we need to stop time – or at least to prevent it from reaching our bedroom.

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It puts us in the mood

The effects of exercise on our psychology are obviously not unrelated to sex. First of all, exercise can help us fight stress and mild symptoms of depression, which often “destroy” our erotic mood. At the same time, it is known that during exercise, our body releases endorphins, which give us a sense of pleasure. What may not be equally well known is that the same “natural drug” is responsible for our libido, but also for the pleasure we derive through sexual intercourse. In addition, the more often they are created by our bodies, the easier it is for us to experience the same feeling of joy and enjoyment in the future. Perhaps this is why some research has shown that women who exercise frequently are more likely to fall in love.

It helps us love our body

Insecurities around our body image are enough to make the erotic mood go out the window, preventing us from reaching orgasm. This is even more true in the case of women who are socially trained from an early age to pursue perfection. Exercise allows us to build a new relationship with our body, not so much because of the changes we notice in it, but because it gives us the opportunity to watch it in action. Through movement, we learn to appreciate its potential, but we also gradually feel healthier and more active. So, we are more likely to love it and accept it with all its perfect imperfections.

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