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The therapeutic power of exercise and medicinal properties

The therapeutic power of exercise
The therapeutic power of exercise and medicinal properties. Many scientists point out that exercise should be introduced into our daily lives as an important habit that we do not miss for any reason, just as we do with our teeth brushing.

Exercise is a medicine. We have heard it many times. From all the experts who want to motivate us to practice and reap the benefits of fitness. But is it really so? Can exercise be paralleled with something as catalytic to our health as medicine?

The answer comes straight from the lips of most experts: “Yes, it is a drug and it is even better than a drug because it is free and because it has few side effects,” says Professor I-Min Lee, of the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard University, which examines the role that physical activity can play in preventing illness and maintaining good health and longevity.

The medicinal properties of exercise

Studies have shown that regular exercise reduces the risk of death by 37% for any cause, making it the most important factor for longevity, playing a more catalytic role even in Mediterranean diet (reduces risk by 23%) and also avoids it. smoking (reduces risk by 35%). Also, scientists can assure us that exercise should be prescribed to prevent heart attack, stroke, diabetes, falls, various forms of cancer (eg breast and colon), osteoporosis and also mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

In particular, it improves heart function, relieves pain in various parts of the body (eg, neck, shoulders, knees, back, etc.) and arthritis and improves circulatory function. But exercise, in addition to making us moody and calming, is thought to act further on our brains, possibly improving our learning and memory but also alleviating the symptoms of people suffering from dementia. Research shows that it is just as effective as medicines in preventing possible death due to the world’s first cause of death, which is cardiovascular and diabetes.

We are designed to practice

According to experts we are made to move and so all of our physical functions are better in motion. As our muscles “work” our blood pressure decreases, our blood pressure drops, and our good cholesterol rises, the blood glucose in our blood decreases, as does the inflammation rate. All of the above help reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension.

By doctor’s prescription

As we understand, we need to start exercising immediately. Experts recommend exercising for half an hour a day, which will make our heart beat harder and shed even a little sweat. If we don’t like walking we can do some other kind of aerobic exercise, such as swimming, cycling, running, playing a game like football, volleyball, tennis or basketball. If half an hour each day seems too much for us, it is advisable to try to start slowly, for example by 10 minutes a day, increasing the amount of time we work out daily.

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