HomenutritionKeto ice cream and other superfoods of the diet

Keto ice cream and other superfoods of the diet

The superfoods of the diet. Nutritious foods that supply us with important ingredients that may be lacking following a more rigorous weight loss program. To learn more about the keto appliances in your diet, visit https://www.houseofpops.ae.

They are nutritious foods that supply us with important ingredients, which can be lacking following a more rigorous weight loss program. There are many, but we have chosen the ones that are worth putting on your plate.


It is considered a pseudo-cereal, but you can use it instead of rice. Its high protein content makes it a filling food. At the same time, it contains calcium, good quality fats, iron, B vitamins, and a lot of fiber. It contributes to the proper functioning of our muscles and the immune system. It helps in good brain function and provides fats that love our hearts. Partially replaces meat and dairy in vegetarians. For all this, it has been characterized as “golden food”. Try accompanying quinoa with fish, chicken, or meat.

Purple cabbage

An ideal choice for salads, but also for light soups. It is an excellent source of vitamin C. It is also rich in folic acid and other B-complex vitamins that contribute to the good health of our nervous system, as well as potassium, which regulates blood pressure. It also contains vitamin K, which is necessary for blood clotting. Its most important ingredients are antioxidants, such as indoles, anthocyanins, and sulforaphane. Compared to white cabbage, it has many more antioxidants, as well as 6-8 times higher content of vitamin C.

Chia seeds

These are the seeds of the plant Salvia Hispanic, one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. The oil from chia seeds is very nutritious, as it contains 60% omega-3, 15% omega-6, and 20% omega-9 fatty acids (similar to olive oil). Also, its seeds are an excellent source of fiber, as well as very good quality protein, something rare for plant foods. They also contain calcium, phosphorus, and manganese. These properties prompted the European Union authorities in 2009 to approve chia seeds as a novel food (food with specific functional properties). They can be added to yogurt, milk with other cereals, a salad, etc.


Of course, bread is not forbidden in the diet, especially when it comes to whole wheat. Wheatgrass is a cereal that has been the subject of intense nutritional interest in recent years, although it is one of the oldest types of cereals. It consists of two seeds, which are covered by a hard shell that is not removed during harvesting and so the fruit remains “dressed” and protected, retaining its valuable nutrients. It is rich in edible fiber, which contributes to the proper functioning of the intestine, increases the feeling of satiety, and has been associated with better control of our blood sugar. It contains, among others, proteins, B-complex vitamins, mainly thiamine, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium. So enjoy

We thank Mr. Harry Georgakakis, Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist, MSc in Clinical Nutrition, Vice President of the Hellenic Foundation for Cardiovascular Health and Nutrition, for their cooperation.

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  1. Adopting this type of foods most works for the winter. Maintain body without fatty and maintain health with cold weather have good chance with this type of nutritious foods.
    Finally i have to mention this article content is very valuable. Thank you


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