HomelifestyleThe sexy signs that men find in women

The sexy signs that men find in women

The sexy signs that men find in women. As strange as it may seem, men are not at all interested in fashion but are not particularly interested in new trends in makeup or hairstyles. There are certain things they like and they do not change anything …

1. Natural makeup.

How much money, how many hours, and how much effort have you put into making the perfect makeup, combining colors and trying out new designs. And yet, the truth is that men prefer women without dye, when they get out of bed or when they come out of the shower with no trace of skin. The most disgusting is the lip gloss that sticks to their lips and the many layers of makeup because the result looks very unnatural.

2. The belly.

Women attach great importance to their body and weight. On the one hand, they do very well because it is primarily a matter of health to maintain the ideal weight but on the other hand, there are cases of women who want to become overweight. So let’s tell you that the overwhelming majority of men prefer women with their grip especially at certain points. So don’t go crazy on the diet and melt in the gym if you have a little more belly, you just like it as you are.

3. Your cute habit.

The right men who love and love you for what you find your weird habits adorable. You may be singing crazy when you swim, teasing your hair when you are thinking of letting go of things in incredible places … and yet they all find it so cute.

4. Your curly hair.

The truth is that your curly and sloppy hair is adored. Many times they would wish they would not have sat down for hours straightening them with iron or hairdryer. Even some less natural colors in your hair dyes look weird.

5. Long eyelashes.

The eyes are one of the most charming spots on you. Especially when they are surrounded by long and intense eyelashes, they become irresistible according to this Lash extension expert and the male population.

6. Your feet.

It doesn’t matter if they are big, small, close or long … men love caressing their soft, freshly curved legs, can’t stand high-heeled shoes and like to see women sitting cross-legged.

7. Your style.

It’s time to put aside the fashionable accessories, the bright nail polishes and all the trends you are following. Whether you’re in fashion or not, nothing makes you sexier than yourself. Whether you are wearing crazy hats, dresses over pants, pink crocodile leather boots, your dream man will find you irresistible.

8. Your fragrance.

This delicious scent may be due to your shower, your shampoo, your fragrance, but men go crazy about smelling your unique scent even when you’re out.

9. Asking directly for what you want.

The key to a successful relationship is to say exactly what you want and not to imply waiting for your partner to understand it. Men are not as sophisticated as women, so they rarely understand what we expect and expect from them.

10. Your profession.

A working woman is a symbol of intelligence and competence. Regardless of the subject of the job and the workplace, your men admire the passion you show for your job. You can help other people in one way or another, deal with children, look smarter and more competent in your professional attire when preparing for a meeting, and men are impressed when you do them so well. areas that are completely unknown to themselves.

The sexy signs that men find in women

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