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The secrets of the experts to quickly get shapely body

The secrets of the experts to quickly get shapely body. What are the secrets of experts for getting shapely legs, flat belly, tight breasts and well-formed buttocks in a short amount of time?

15-20 minutes daily for 6 weeks. This is the maximum time you need to spend to get a good body. No sweat rivers, no endless hours in the gym, in the comfort of your own home. So if you are looking for a slimmer and more symmetrical body, you only have to do the following. It should be emphasized here that the combination of this program with a careful healthy diet has a synergistic effect, thus maximizing and accelerating the expected result. And while you’re at that, you might as well cleanse your inner body and reach out to a hypnotist (an experienced one who’s completed their ongoing hypnosis education) and balance out your mental health.

The secrets of the experts to quickly get shapely body

Calligraphic feet

The most effective exercise to get shapely legs is to combine squats and kicks in the same repetition. This exercise also helps to tighten and lift the gluteus muscles, thus providing the complete “package”: shapely legs and tight buttocks.

Kick back seats

Starting position: Seat posture. Feet quite bent, soles together. Trunk straight, with slight anterior inclination. Hands bent in front of the trunk. You are clasped together, palms in the fist.

Exercise: Stretch your knees and stand upright. Then, without delay, bring the elbows to the body and at the same time lift one leg backward while resting on the other. Reverse the moves and return to the original position. Repeat alternately. Breathing in the effort.

The way: Make as many repetitions as you can within 2 minutes, at a fast pace. If you are tired before the 2 minutes are over, take a little rest and continue. In the long run, try to complete at least 50 consecutive reps within those 2 minutes or extend the exercise time to 3 minutes.

The secret: At each repetition you must tighten the leg of the stretched leg, causing your muscles to contract more tightly.

Tight buttocks

This workout combines all gluteus muscles, providing particular muscle tone, reducing unnecessary points and contouring.

Views in all directions

Starting position: Standing upright

Run: From the standing posture, take a big step straight ahead. Once the front footrests on the floor, bend both legs, more projectively, and lower the entire body toward the floor. Stay steady for 2 seconds at this position and return to standing posture. Then, with the same foot, make a diagonal gait diagonally forward and backward, then a lateral gait and return, then a diagonal gait diagonally backward and back, and finally gait straight backward and back. All five of these combinations (forward, sideways, sideways, sideways and backward) are counted as one repetition.

The way: With no rest breaks, you perform 5 consecutive reps with each leg, then 4 reps with each leg and finally 3 reps. Rest for a while and repeat the same way.

The secret: Make projections in this particular way and methodology on beach sand. As each foot slides into the sand, you will have to work harder to perform every subsequent repetition, thereby activating your muscles more – the results will be spectacular!

Why combined movements? Because the more energy you consume through the production of a larger project, the more you burn fat.

Flat belly

The flat belly and the well-formed abdominal muscles give and give a more attractive appearance to any body type while indicating self-discipline, good health, and excellent physical condition. Proper nutrition is a prerequisite for losing local fat, reducing waist size and getting a flat belly. But by doing the following exercise systematically, you will be able to do it faster than ever.

Leg lifting – torso turning

Starting position: Hypnosis (back). Feet bent, soles, pelvis, and waist on the floor. Shoulders and head slightly raised, do not rest on the floor. Hands bent at shoulder height, elbows out. The palms behind the head, support it gently without pushing it. Look sideways upwards.

Exercise: Exhale, bringing one foot to the abdomen, keeping the knee firmly bent. At the same time, lift the top of the torso and turn it towards the side of the raised leg so that the opposite elbow rests on the inside of the knee. Then, bring back torso and leg back to original positions while inhaling.

The way: 10 reps with one foot and so many with the other. Without a break, continue with 8 reps for each leg, then 6 and then 4 reps. Rest for a while and repeat again.

The secret: Keep your abs and waist tightly in contact with the mattress throughout the exercise.

Avoid the many abdominal exercises because they can increase the volume of the corresponding muscles and, if no fat is lost with proper nutrition, the abdomen will look bigger. If the spinal muscles that support the spine are not systematically trained and weak, then the torso tends to bend forward and the abdomen is thrown outward.

Tight chest

Both classic push-ups and their… female variant train the chest muscles, shoulders, upper back, triceps, and abdomen, which are activated to a large extent to stabilize the spine during exercise. Doing push-ups will overall strengthen and strengthen your torso, especially the muscle complex that normally supports the chest and keeps it firm and in the desired position.

Starting position: Support for knees and palms with fingers pointing straight ahead, hands shoulder-to-shoulder stretched, elbows pointing out, legs joined, torso and head aligned, belly and buttocks tightened.

Exercise: From this starting position, inhale deeply, bend your elbows and slowly lower to the floor. As soon as your chest rests on the floor, you reverse the movement, stretch your arms out, and return to your original position.

The way: By bending your elbows and lowering slowly to the floor, tighten your body more and remain immobilized in the middle of the track for 3 seconds before continuing. Just a few inches before the chest rests on the floor, you stop again and remain immobilized for 2 seconds. As soon as the chest rests on the floor, stretch your arms slowly and stay approximately idle for about 5 seconds before continuing to the final position. You set a goal of doing ten (10) repetitions with this methodology, and after resting for a while, repeat one more time.

Note: Longer palm distances provide better chest muscle training but strain the shoulders and wrists. The shorter distance (“more closed”) activates the triceps, but at the expense of the chest muscles.

The secret: When the exercise becomes very easy, perform 1 set of male push-ups (resting on the toes rather than the knees) and 1 set of women’s push-ups or, alternatively, half the reps of each set one way and the other half with the other.

The mistakes of exercise

The more hours I train the better?

Error! Long hours of exercise, e.g. 2-3 hours a day, puts the body in a form of constant stress, resulting in its weakening. So, instead of building up your muscle tissue, you “crush it” and instead of losing fat you increase it because of the overproduction of cortisol.

* Do I always need to work out until my muscles can no longer stand?

Error! If you push marginally on any program, you may get injured or overworked. Conversely, if you stop at the point where you are feeling a little tired or alternate between days of hard workouts and days of easy exercise, you will give your body enough time to regain strength and achieve better results.

* Does the pain the next day mean you are exercising properly?

Error! Pains, discomfort, tiredness or excessive grip the next day are signs that you are probably overdoing it in the gym. However, a small, pleasant “grip”, which lasts no more than 24 hours, is justified when the previous day you worked out a little more vigorously or did some new exercises.

Source: Mr. George Xiros, fitness expert(vita: web)

The secrets of the experts to quickly get shapely body

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