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The rules for the brightest smile

Brightest smile healthy teeth with special care of oral
Brightest smile healthy teeth with special care of oral
Brightest smile healthy teeth with special care of oral: A beautiful, glamorous smile is always disarming and in order to get it, we need to take the necessary steps and correct some bad habits.

Beautiful smile, good heart. No, this is not an expression, but a scientific finding that reveals that healthy and healthy teeth are essential for heart health. Get a provider of Wichita orthodontic care. So, in order to keep them that way, we must take good care of them. The paradox is that sometimes we ourselves cause more damage to our teeth by thinking we care. Incredible? 

And yet true, experts say. That is why we make sure we follow some rules correctly and use the right tools. One such tool is the electric toothbrush that offers us the 3 essential features for excellent oral hygiene: plaque removal, gum health and whitening.

Brightest smile healthy teeth with special care of oral

Starting from the basics

The toothbrush is completely personal. We do not lend or lend to others, so as not to transmit or infect germs that cause various diseases.


The right tactic

* Brush your teeth twice a day: after breakfast and after dinner.
* Proper brushing takes about 2 minutes while holding the toothbrush at a slight angle to the denture. Gently brush back and forth the outer and inner surfaces of each tooth and the surfaces we chew and the tongue.
* Caution: We do not brush with force. Strong, white teeth are interconnected with healthy gums. But when we brush with force, thinking that they are smooth, the gums get injured and slowly retreat, leaving the nerves exposed. If we cannot control our strength, then dentists from suggest using an electric toothbrush that is more effective and safe. If you think you need to learn more about electric brushes, you can contact one a specialist by clicking the website. 

Electric toothbrush VS conventional

More and more experts are recommending the use of an electric toothbrush because it is safer to use and its effect guaranteed. After all, according to statistical surveys, the electric toothbrush is superior to the manual, because most do not brush our teeth properly, nor for as long as it takes.

More specifically:

– It’s ergonomic, making our lives easier. We do not need much movement or force to clean our teeth.
– Protects gum, enamel and enamel while removing plaque more effectively
– It has a smaller head size to better clean the rear teeth
– It is more effective for those who wear braces, or have dental implants, toothpicks and bridges.

– It’s more green, since we only replace her head and not the whole brush with the plastic handle.

The top choice

Get and keep the most beautiful smile with electric toothbrush , which thanks to its unique sonic technology , guarantees proper brushing, gum care, perfect teeth cleaning and an incredible sense of freshness.

Why choose it

– Removes up to 7 times more plaque from teeth than a conventional toothbrush because it makes 62,000 movements per minute.

– After one week of use, the improvement is visible. It removes 100% more stains and has been proven to naturally whiten teeth making the smile more radiant.

– Over time, it prevents inflammation of the gums and contributes to a healthier and more beautiful smile.

– It has five customizable cleaning functions to suit every need: 
1. Cleaning: Perfect daily dental care 
2. Whitening: Removing spots 
3. Sensitive teeth: Gentle cleaning for teeth and gums 
4. Gum care: in the gums 
5. Polishing: For even shiny teeth

– Its design is sleek and sophisticated, with its package: a) a lightweight travel case that connects to the computer via USB and allows to charge it b) an innovative charging glass that decorates the bathroom and simultaneously charges the toothbrush

– Battery lasts up to 3 weeks between charges .

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