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The energy at high altitudes throughout the day

The energy at high altitudes throughout the day. Useful practices to keep your energy high throughout the day. It is normal for some days to feel more tired than others. But if you notice that you are experiencing more and more intense feelings of tiredness or fatigue every day, it is probably time to re-evaluate your habits and change the ones that “steal” without you realizing your energy. Especially if you have tried to rest, physically and mentally and the feeling of fatigue remains, then you can try some changes to greatly improve your energy levels.

How much do you sleep?

It is obvious that a few hours of sleep is not enough to rest, especially if your schedule is full of obligations. If you often sleep less than seven hours a night, you are more likely to feel exhausted. But it also increases the chances of weight gain, accidents, diabetes, and heart problems while reducing the body’s immunity, your good mood, and your strong memory. What can also be responsible for low energy levels is the ής snooze button. Although by pressing it you think you are gaining a few extra minutes of sleep, in reality, you are not benefiting, as there is not enough time to reach restorative sleep, so you are really resting.

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Do you eat protein?

If your usual breakfast includes calorie snacks or is limited to a plain cup of coffee, it’s time to change it. Avoid carbohydrates in the morning at first, as they can lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar, with a sharp drop causing you to be very drowsy. Try to incorporate protein in every meal and choose snacks with a balance of carbohydrates and proteins. Protein prevents sharp fluctuations in blood sugar, keeping your energy high.

Do you sit a lot?

It may seem paradoxical but daily fatigue can be the message that your body “sends” to warn you that you need more activity. Exercise increases your metabolic rate, improves mood and helps you sleep better at night. You do not need to spend hours in the gym to increase your activity levels, as only twenty minutes of walking a day is enough to reap the benefits of exercise.

How much do you laugh?

Laughter, among its many benefits, seems to increase our energy as well. Watch a funny movie, read a hilarious novel, or watch your favorite comedy movie. Take some time and dedicate it to your loved ones. “Indulge” in a favorite activity every day, even for a short time. Try something new, like the one you put off for so long because you don’t have time. Even the smallest changes can “shake” your routine, renewing your daily life and energy.

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