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HomenutritionThe Benefits of Intermediate Diet Health

The Benefits of Intermediate Diet Health

The Benefits of Intermediate Diet Health. By avoiding eating for a total of 14 hours a day and eating the remaining ten, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing diabetes, according to new scientific research.

Intermittent dieting is a well-known dietary pattern that is becoming increasingly common, since cycles between fasting and eating not only help lose weight but also conceal other benefits for the body, such as reduced cholesterol or reduced levels of blood sugar.

Reduce bodyweight and pressure

Scientists at the University of California, San Diego found that research participants, eating within ten hours a day and leaving the stomach empty for the rest of the 14-day diet, did not only reduce their body weight. decreased body mass index and improved blood pressure.

Metabolic syndrome

Prior to the study, participants were at higher risk of developing diabetes, especially those who had symptoms of metabolic syndrome. “When someone is diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, it is the right time for a change in their eating habits,” says study co-author Dr. Pam Taub. “When diabetes occurs or when patients are taking too many medicines such as insulin, it is difficult to reverse the disease. By changing our diet and exercising we avoid this process, ”he adds.

Better quality sleep

For the study, the scientists suggested a 12-week intermittent diet program, with most of them obese and 84% receiving treatment. Specifically, participants did not eat anything for 14 hours but could consume anything within an hour of the day. At the end of the 12 weeks, body fat levels, body mass index and participants’ weight decreased by 3%. Some had lower cholesterol and sugar levels while 70% reported better quality sleep.

In fact, the participants were so excited about the process and the results, that most chose to maintain the intermittent diet after the end of the study, which proves to be easy to maintain, as stated among others.

The Benefits of Intermediate Diet Health

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