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The 5 rules when wearing a fragrance

The 5 rules when wearing a fragrance. Applying perfume is probably the easiest procedure to do with a woman’s beautification, but again there are some things that can go wrong (remember the last time you couldn’t get a hold of the cologne next to you). So, you need to keep in mind some basic rules to ensure a distinctive and captivating effect.

1. Wear a fragrance you love

As in life, with the scents, knowing who you are and what you really like is the key to joy in every moment and in every experience. Ask yourself if you like the clean and fresh, the dark and spicy, the floral or the sweet. Find a fragrance that expresses you that can transmit it to those around you. Don’t wear something just because someone gave you a gift or because it smells nice on a friend. The fragrance should make you smile when you wear it.

2. Try it before you buy it

Body chemistry is the last ingredient in every fragrance and is unique to each of us. What smells great on someone else, even on your relatives, may not smell good on you. Try it first on your own skin and wait at least 20 minutes, if not more, to see if it suits you.

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3. Do not spray your hair

This rule is exactly the opposite of the other tips we have heard. Many women spray their hair to preserve the fragrance, but most perfumes on the market contain alcohol in their composition, resulting in alcohol drying out and destroying the hair. If you still want your hair to smell like your favorite fragrance, pour a small amount first into your hands, allow it to evaporate most of the alcohol, and then comb your hair with your fingers.

4. Apply it

The best way to last your fragrance all day long is to buy and use all the products in the same range, shower gel, deodorant, lotion or body oil and at the end wear the fragrance for the final touch.

5. Change it

You may always like to use the same fragrance, but it is fun and reflects your personality to change the fragrance depending on your mood, your experiences or your activities. You can, for example, switch between a lighter fragrance for the day and a darker and more spicy one for the evening, or change fragrances according to the seasons. Perfume is the most powerful and memorable form of self-expression, use it purposefully and enjoy the results.

The 5 rules when wearing a fragrance

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