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Teach these phrases to your child

Teach these phrases to your child. Most parents realize as their child grows up that he or she can quickly adapt behaviors or even phrases used by adults around him. However, since they may adopt a less desirable behavior, it would be helpful to help him learn from the outset some expressions that will help him communicate better with people around him, regardless of age.


It is true that children, especially in the early years of their lives, know what they really want and may not always ask for it kindly. For this reason, it would be good to find him saying ‘please’ before or after asking for something. In this way, you learn to be kind to him during his social interactions, which will greatly help him in his later adult life.

“Thank you”

Gratitude is good for teaching children from an early age. By learning this phrase, you not only learn to be polite when communicating with those around you but to truly feel grateful for all that you have or something to give. At the same time, feeling grateful will fill it with joy and optimism, as it will be able to see the positive, even in difficult or unpleasant situations.

“You will make it”

The best way to learn this phrase is to hear it often from you. In this way, you are actually learning how to be willing and inspirational to those around him and to himself. Phrases like this help him strengthen his relationships with those around him, as he is a positive person who wants to help and inspire people in their daily lives.

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“How are you;”

Through this phrase, you teach him to be aware of the other person and to be interested in how he is and his feelings. Even if we do not realize it, it is a great phrase as we show our interlocutor that we want to hear about his day. So you teach him to show kindness and kindness during his social gatherings.

“I feel so ..”

With this phrase you learn to express everything he feels, taking control of his emotions through proper expression and articulation. Properly using his words and phrases, he can express his inner thoughts and thus better manage everything he experiences.

“I love you”

It may sound trivial, but it is especially important to learn to accept the love of those around you and also to express it, as it is the basis for developing your self-esteem. Show that it is a very important phrase, which should speak with all its heart and not simply reproduce it because it is heard by those around it.

Teach these phrases to your child

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