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Sugar substitutes do not save from diabetes and obesity

Sugar substitutes do not save from diabetes and obesity. Over the past decades, due to increased awareness of the health effects of excess sugar, the consumption of artificial zero-calorie sweeteners has risen sharply. However, new studies suggest that sweeteners can also lead to diabetes and obesity, and switching to diet sodas can call the step “from fire to fire.”

Artificial sweeteners are one of the most common nutritional supplements worldwide. They are used in various diets, low-calorie carbonated drinks, and other foods. Some previous scientific papers have already noted their negative effects on health.

The new study, the largest today, tracks biochemical changes in the body after consumption of sugar and its substitutes. Scientists from the Medical College of Wisconsin (Medical College of Wisconsin) presented their research at the annual conference of Experimental Biology of the American Physiological Society, which runs from April 21 to 25 in San Diego, California.

“Despite the addition of these zero-calorie artificial sweeteners to our daily diets, there is still a sharp increase in obesity and diabetes,” said study author Brian Hoffmann. “In our studies, both sugar and artificial sweeteners seem to be causing the negative effects associated with obesity and diabetes, albeit through very different mechanisms.”

The authors conducted in-vitro (in vitro) and invivo (living organism) experiments. A team of scientists fed one group of rats with foods high in glucose or fructose (types of sugar) and another with aspartame or acesulfame potassium (conventional zero-calorie artificial sweeteners). After three weeks, the researchers found significant differences in the concentrations of fats and amino acids in blood samples.

The results show that artificial sweeteners are changing the way the body processes fat and produces energy. In addition, potassium acesulfame accumulates in the blood, a high concentration of which has a harmful effect on the cells of the inner surface of blood vessels.

“We see that with moderate consumption of sugar, the mechanism of its processing functions in the body. When this system is overloaded for a long period of time, this mechanism is destroyed, ”said Hoffmann. “We also noticed that replacing these sugars with non-nutritive artificial sweeteners leads to negative changes in fat and energy metabolism.”

The results of the study do not give a clear answer, which is worse – sugar or artificial sweeteners, this question requires further study. Scientists recommend being moderate in the consumption of both sugar and its substitutes.

Sugar substitutes do not save from diabetes and obesity

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