Sugar increases the risk of cancer

Sugar increases the risk of cancer. The relationship between excessive sugar intake and an increased risk of cancer was identified. On February 18, it became known that American scientists conducted a series of studies and found that if you consume sugar and sweets consisting of it in large quantities, the risk of developing cancer increases significantly.

The relationship between excessive sugar intake and an increased risk of cancer was identified at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas. Specialists conducted a study involving two groups of laboratory mice:  

  • one group of rodents received a sucrose volume that was comparable to that consumed in Western countries.
  • the second group was on a starchy diet without any amount of sugar.

According to the results of the experiments, the researchers found that increased sugar intake provokes the growth of cancerous tumors. Moreover, table sugar and corn syrup increase lung metastases, reports referring to the British edition of Cancer Research, where the experiment was published.

After completing their study, scientists urged people to limit their intake of sugar and sweets to minimize the risk of cancer, as well as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. Instead of sweets, cakes, and pastries, it is better to eat more fruits, dried fruits, honey, and nuts.

It is worth noting that the Russian Academy of Sciences considers the merit of scientists from the United States that they were able to establish specific doses of sugar that provoke cancer.

Sugar increases the risk of cancer

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