HomelifestyleSpend more quality time with the kids

Spend more quality time with the kids

Spend more quality time with the kids. The hustle and bustle sometimes make us believe that the day will never end, but time passes very quickly and we realize it when we look at our children, we suddenly realize that they do not need our help or company as we used to.

You get home from work after a very difficult day and after getting your kids out of school, you have to prepare their lunches, school bags, help them read, get home while they are out of school. , then go home with them, bathe them and put them to bed, just to get up the next day to repeat the process.

Quality not quantity

It makes sense for the above-mentioned routine to leave no energy or space to spend extra quality time with your kids, but you don’t have to find more hours since by changing some details, you can connect with your kids daily while following the same process. , despite your tiredness. All parents happen to work almost automatically on anything to do with their children, especially if the responsibilities are many, but that means you can miss precious childhood moments. When you realize that the autopilot is probably activated, take a step back and look at your children, listen carefully and concentrate on them alone. So you are present and your mind briefly escapes all else.

Walk-in pajamas

The process of putting them to sleep can prove to be a great challenge, especially if the children are still young. If you find that they are overwhelmed and anxious, try taking a short stroll down the pajamas square, if the weather permits, of course. After bathing and washing their teeth, wear pajamas and sportswear, put them in a stroller or hold them by hand and take a stroll. Don’t take toys or snacks with you, but just walk around and talk about their day. It’s a great way for kids to relax while spending some time together. Both you and them release the intensity of the day and prepare your body to rest.

Thematic dinner

One of the most beautiful moments of the day is when the whole family gathers around the table to eat. Formalize this process, giving each name a different theme, depending on what you eat, such as pizza night or pasta night. These thematic nights will bring another touch to your table, making your kids look forward to giving them the opportunity to be more involved in the process.

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Spend more quality time with the kids

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