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Special Care for Sensitive skin

Special Care for Sensitive skin
Special Care for Sensitive skin. Poor climate, smoking or stress are all influences that can affect our skin. The situation has gone so far that every second woman complains about sensitive skin in Central Europe today …
Sensitive skin responds to endogenous stimuli, such as stress, fatigue, smoking or hormonal changes. Also pay attention to unsuitable cosmetics! 
Reduces skin quality. Even too much travel is not suitable for your skin. This is not beneficial for frequent temperature changes.

How to sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin manifests itself differently. Excessively dry skin is a common symptom. In this case, you feel as if your skin is straining. If you suffer from this problem, you know for sure how it can bother you. Especially when your skin starts to itch or burn unpleasantly.
And how to defend yourself? The most important defense is prevention! Avoid sensitive skin problems. It’s easier than then to face the consequences.
As? Above all by consistent hygiene. In addition, there are many products focused on hypersensitive skin on the market. Almost every cosmetic brand leads a set whose main purpose is to prevent sensitive skin.
Some women may sigh now. They have a more sensitive skin by nature and cosmetic products do not help too much.
Are you one of them? Do not hesitate to find Arash Akhavan, MD, FAAD. As it will reveal your skin deficiencies and you will be able to work in time and under professional supervision to eliminate the causes of your skin problem.

What harms our skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it is first of all necessary to avoid influences that could make your situation worse. It is not humanly possible to avoid anything that is harmful to us, but you should at least try to minimize these influences.
According to this experienced cosmetic dermatologists, there is such a small, guaranteed recipe for prevention and treatment of sensitive skin: Wash with chlorine-free water. You get this when you let the normal tap water stand for two hours. Also, we should not use normal soap that can dry the skin. It is necessary to buy special cosmetics for sensitive skin and not to use another.
Sensitive skin now suffers where who. Fortunately, there are many cosmetic products on the market to help you solve or alleviate your problem. But be careful that these products are really good. Otherwise, they may make the situation worse. Your best friends are the best reference for cosmetics.
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