HomenutritionSoup: The secret to easy slimming

Soup: The secret to easy slimming

Soup: The secret to easy slimming. Once the temperature drops, a warm and tasty soup looks like the perfect meal. Not only does it warm us up, it is also super nutritious, especially if it is packed with low calorie but nutrient-rich vegetables. But soups have another big advantage: they are high in water and help us to satiate by consuming less calories.

What science says

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have found that when you start your meal with an oligothermic soup, such as chicken broth with vegetables, you will end up eating 20% ​​less calories in your lunch than you normally would without eating it. of the day. In the long run, by eating 20% ​​less calories each afternoon, you will be able to lose weight without even trying it too much.

“You will eat as much as you always have at your dinner, as the soup is very filling and will not make you hungry after a while. The soup will fill you up because it contains a lot of water and at the same time has low calories, especially compared to other appetizers, “says Barbara Rolls, head of the study and professor at the Pennsylvania State University.

Soup or water before lunch?

For satiety, prefer soup instead of a glass of water before your meal.

  • A bowl of delicious soup certainly shows a more satisfying appetizer than a glass of water
  • The smell and taste of the soup will give you pleasure
  • When it reaches your stomach, it helps release the satiety hormones so you feel full

How to eat your soup to lose weight

  • Broth soups are the perfect choice when trying to lose weight, as they contain less calories than those containing cream or vegetable puree.
  • Make sure your soup contains a lot of fiber, ie lots of vegetables, and lean protein, such as chicken breast or fish, to make it easier to eat
  • Bean soups are also an excellent choice because they combine fiber with protein

Soup: The secret to easy slimming

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