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Sore throat when swallowing: causes and how to relieve it

Sore throat when swallowing: causes and how to relieve it
Sore throat when swallowing: causes and how to relieve it. The sore throat that occurs when swallowing, and the inflammation and redness that accompanies it, can become very annoying. Know its causes, when to go to the doctor and advice that can help you to alleviate it.
The sore throat when swallowing , a condition that sometimes produces swelling and redness in the area, is a very common, especially in the coldest months of discomfort, but may also appear in other seasons. The most common is that this swelling lasts a few days, no more than a week, and that it heals itself. However, knowing the causes of that uncomfortable sore throat that occurs when swallowing can help find a way to relieve it.

Causes of throat pain when swallowing

It is usually due to a mild pharyngitis , that is to say, to the inflammation of the pharynx as a result of a viral infection , in particular of the viruses responsible for the colds , which are acquired by contagion through the droplets of saliva that someone already sick expels Breathing, coughing, sneezing or talking are suspended in the air. Contagion can also occur through direct contact, through hands or sharing cutlery, towels and other items for personal use.
But the throat pain when swallowing, in addition to being caused by a viral infection, can be triggered by other factors that favor its appearance:
    • Breathing through the mouth on a regular basis, instead of taking air through the nose, often as a result of the nasal congestion that usually accompanies pharyngitis.
    • Spend a lot of time in dry environments. The heating can dry out the environment and cause the throat to become even more irritated. Special care must be taken with the appliances to heat with direct air because they eliminate humidity in the room.
    • The abrupt changes of temperature, that is to say, to pass from a very hot environment to the intense cold of the street. A good idea is to protect the throat and mouth with scarves, scarves or scarves.
    • Allergies often cause nasal congestion and the person tends to breathe through the mouth. In addition, some allergic processes cause inflammation of the pharynx.
    • Environmental pollution and pollution.
  • Breathing irritating substances, such as some chemicals.
  • Smoking or breathing tobacco smoke. This habit parches the tissue of the throat.
  • Use the voice a lot (something common in certain professions), talk loudly or shout.  
  • Abusing alcoholic beverages.

When to see the doctor for a sore throat

This type of discomfort in the throat is usually a viral process that resolves itself, but if these other complications and symptoms appear, it is best to go to the doctor:
  • If the sore throat when swallowing lasts more than three days.
  • Increased pain and difficulty in swallowing.
  • If strong muscular and joint pains appear.
  • Experience bad breath.
  • Persistent and elevated fever appears.
  • When white spots appear in the back of the throat or in the tonsils

How to relieve throat pain when swallowing

Although a sore throat on swallowing usually subsides on its own, there are some tips that can relieve that unpleasant discomfort:
  • Do not force the voice and try to rest for as long as possible.
  • Increase fluid intake. When hydrated, the secretions become more fluid and do not remain attached to the throat. Keep in mind that this mucus can cause a cough that will further irritate the throat and cause more pain.
  • Drink liquids, but warm or lukewarm. Do not drink very hot or very cold, because in both cases when the liquid passes through the throat more pain occurs.
  • It is good to follow a diet with soft-textured foods, such as soups, broths or yoghurts, so as not to irritate the area even more.
  • Moisten the environment with humidifiers
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