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Smartest solutions to get rid of the bloating

Smartest solutions to get rid of the bloating
There’s nothing more annoying than wearing your favorite evening outfit and realizing that your stomach is so swollen that the zipper closes with force. Follow the solutions below to relieve and not feel this discomforting mood.

Choose foods rich in potassium. This element helps you to adjust the fluid balance in the body, keeping the bloat away. Foods rich in potassium are bananas, oranges, tomatoes, watermelon and asparagus. The latter also act as a diuretic, so you get rid of unnecessary fluids from your system.

Forget chewing gum. Chewing gum is a habit that causes you to swallow unnecessary air and this obviously causes swelling. Instead of chewing gum, prefer a piece of mint.

Reduce carbohydrates. Needless to say goodbye, but just reduce the amount you usually consume. Bread and pasta may cause fluid retention, so it’s best to avoid them as an evening meal.

Carbonate always causes bloating, so always opt for plain water, not soda.

Drink lemon juice. Lemon slices in the water give you more than a taste. A glass in the morning and one after each meal will help you say goodbye to the bloating. Bitter foods, such as lemon, activate body fluids and help start the digestive process. This results in a better breakdown of foods and the absorption of most nutrients, while maintaining a healthy weight.

Say yes to the probiotics. They help with proper digestive function and have also been shown to help with irritable bowel syndrome. The most famous product that is rich in probiotics is yogurt.

Move on. 15 to 20 minutes of walking a day act against constipation. Food moves along the right steps of digestion while secretion of sweat releases unnecessary fluids.

Drink tea. A peppermint relieve drink is an ideal way to relieve the symptoms of swelling. Peppermint reduces and relaxes the digestive muscles and is used as a light diuretic and digestive aid. Tea contributes to fluid levels, which help fight against bloating.

Relax. Your nerves play a huge role in the behavior of the digestive system. Meditate, practice yoga or speak to a specialist if you feel that your stress is over.

Consume foods that are high in water. Celery, cucumbers, watermelon and aubergines are high water content products, which helps to get rid of a swollen stomach.

Prepare for the season. If you are always swollen before or during the period , make sure you take enough potassium (1000 mg daily) and magnesium (320 mg daily). Both ingredients have been shown to relieve symptoms of the period, such as bloating.
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