HomenutritionSmall tips to make your child eat vegetables

Small tips to make your child eat vegetables

Small tips to make your child eat vegetables. If there is a classic nutritional issue facing every mom, it is that the child stubbornly refuses to eat vegetables and prefers sweets and spaghetti much more. However, while you see it as an insurmountable obstacle and a challenge that is not overcome, nutritionists are coming to get your hands on it and give you small but clever tips for your child to start eating vegetables. Remember, though, that it takes time and patience.

Make a schedule

Children need three meals, two snacks and plenty of fluids a day. If you organize your meals, they will be more balanced, hungry and eat properly. A good idea is to have a fridge with carrots, cucumbers, yogurt, and fruit so you don’t have to eat junk food.

Don’t make too many different meals

It’s wrong to have one main meal for you and one for the kid. Make one for everyone and add vegetables or other accompaniments so he can choose what he wants. Do the same because children always imitate your own behavior.

Don’t yell at him

You do the best you can. If you see him refusing to eat, do not aggravate the situation by scolding him and telling him to ‘eat your vegetables’.

Get to know the new foods slowly

It takes a lot of patience for the child to accept and like the peas or beans. Sometimes you have to tell him that his favorite athlete/actor/singer ate such foods.

Try the sauces 

It goes without saying that it is a good idea to experiment with healthy suggestions, such as hummus, a yogurt sauce or some light mustard. Slowly remove it until it eats the vegetables.

Have them cook with you

If they become part of the process, they will appreciate what they eat if they feel it is their own creation. They can also go shopping together and pick those vegetables.

Be the example

If you constantly eat ready-made food and sweets, it makes sense to imitate you and refuses to eat vegetables. But if it’s part of your diet, some time will follow.

Small tips to make your child eat vegetables

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