Six simple rules for best recovery

Six simple rules for best recovery
Six simple rules for best recovery. With no will, recovery from training is left to many iron racers to come back. In fact, a decent recovery is a protest that cannot be ignored.
1. Nutrition
This point is obvious. Nutrition must be top-notch. It is not enough to have a post-exercise recovery drink. The best results are a well thought out diet plan.
2. Ice (Cold)
Inserting a fridge into newly trained muscles will reduce the pain and fatigue of the muscles.
3. Meat Care
The best solution would, of course, be to go regularly to the massage. If there is no such option, a massage roll will help.
4. Spiritual training and balance
It is necessary to give a holiday. Find the activities you can do all day without getting tired.
5. Liquid Consumption
Follow your fluid intake. Too much is not good but too little can slow your recovery.
6. Active Vacations
The best is low intensity aerobic activity. Of course in reasonable quantities!
Six simple rules for best recovery

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