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Simple ways to get rid of the harmful habit of smoking

Simple ways to get rid of the harmful habit of smoking
Simple ways to get rid of the harmful habit of smoking. In the modern age we all know the multiple effects of smoking on health. Indeed, public health authorities, including the World Health Organization, have come to the conclusion that even passive smoking can cause diseases.

For the sake of your health and well-being, therefore, it is important to leave this harmful habit in the past. It certainly requires effort and perseverance from you, as it is not just a habit based solely on psychological factors, but a real addiction to the substance of nicotine. However, there are ways to resist your desire for a cigarette.

Simple ways to get rid of the harmful habit of smoking. Let’s see who they are.

Find an incentive

For everything you swallow in your life, it is very helpful to have a strong motivation to not give up on the first difficulty. So with the cessation of smoking. So find out what led you to make that decision at that point in time. It can be a health problem, it can be the difficulty you are experiencing with your breathing, it may be the fact that you do not want to set bad examples for your children or that you see your skin dull and tired. No matter how important the word sounds, it is enough to motivate you.

Manage the temptation

Your desire for a cigarette is more likely to arise in the circumstances you usually smoke, for example in a bar, at a party, with your morning coffee or after your lunch. Find out the conditions that could ruin your effort and think about what would help you manage them. For example, if you feel that you are ready to light the cigarette, you can call a friend to forget about it.

Chew gum

Any chewing gum, not necessarily nicotine, will keep your mouth busy. See chewing gum as a substitute for cigarettes and prefer sugar-free ones. Also, when you feel the need to smoke try eating some sticky vegetables, carrots and cucumbers for example.

Don’t enter into the logic of “just one cigarette”

When you have a craving for smoking, you may think that you will do “just one cigarette” and then finally. Don’t get sucked in though. You’re not going to stop there, as one cigarette usually leads to the next. In addition, this setback will make you feel that you do not have the self-discipline to do so and will lead you to resign.

Ask for understanding and support

Seeing your friends smoke and smell their smoke is something that can get you hooked. Of course, you can’t persuade them to stop smoking, but you can explain their purpose and ask them not to smoke in front of you. Especially if your partner is a smoker, you will find it harder to stay away from the cigarette, so support is essential. If he wants to quit smoking himself, it is a good idea to try it together.

Remind yourself of the benefits

Whenever you think about lighting a cigarette, remember why you started trying to quit. Better health, more durability and improved skin quality are just some of the benefits.
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