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Simple and quick chest exercises

Simple and quick chest exercises. The breast is one of the highlights of the female body, where men are “weak”. Regardless of your size and age, your breasts should remain as firm, firm and well-formed as possible. How can you do that?

In addition to choosing the right bra and tightening masks that you occasionally see on the internet or in magazines, you should spend little time on training and nourishing your chest muscles.

The best exercise for a great bodice is swimming. However, because hot days do not last all year long and swimming pool visits are not always easy, take a look at a number of simple and quick home exercises that have impressive results.

1. Touch the elbows

Stand upright with your body, let your legs relax and put your palms on your hips. Then bring the elbows backward, making slow movements as if trying to make them rest against each other behind your back. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds to stretch your chest muscles and then return to your original position. Repeat the exercise 8 times.

2. Press your palms

Stand with your body in a straight posture and unite your palms forward, at the height of your chest. Then try to squeeze as hard as you can for 3-5 seconds. Relax back to your original position and repeat the pressure 8-10 times.

3. Dumbbells

Take the dumbbells and hold them in your hands, which will be positioned on the side of your body while standing upright. Then lift up by exhaling one dumbbell to the height of the chest, while always bending your elbow slightly. If you want, you can rest your back on the wall so you don’t overload your waist. Repeat the exercise 12-20 times for each hand, either alternately or finishing the first one and doing the other.

4. Presses on the wall

Stand upright in front of a wall, face to face and your legs slightly stretched. Place your palms on the wall, chest height, with your arms stretched out and push loudly for 10 seconds as you try to move the wall. Then relax, shake your hands and repeat the same procedure 10 times.

5. Anterior to the wall

Touch your back to the wall while standing upright. Make sure that your buttocks are resting beside your back. Then tighten your chest muscles and move your hands as if you were swimming anteriorly. So keep your chest muscles tight and make 100 moves.

6. Breast pressures

Lie on your back and lift your pelvis slightly so that it will not be pressurized. Then bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle without resting on the floor and exhale stretching your arms again. Repeat the exercise 12-20 times.

7. Push Ups

These are classic women’s push-ups. Kneel on the floor and lean forward with your arms wide open than your shoulders open. Do 12 to 20 bends.

Recovery exercise

In order to properly complete the chest exercises, you need to do a healing exercise. This exercise will help your body stay in the right posture.

All you have to do is grab a thick book, place it on your head, and try to walk for a few minutes without holding it down and falling.

If you find it difficult to walk with the book on your head, at least try to stand without falling, touching if you want one hand on a chair.

Simple and quick chest exercises

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