Significant benefits of hiking

Significant benefits of hiking. If you see the connection between the words “fitness” and “torture” but want to incorporate exercise into your life, perhaps the solution is in hiking. With multiple benefits over the most common types of exercise, it is the ideal exercise for the autumn months.

Many of us have learned to treat fitness as a necessary evil to achieve one ultimate goal: Whether we want to improve our health or gain the body of our dreams, it is difficult to discipline a workout when the process itself is boring. or unpleasant. Contrary to the sense of coercion that can be measured by repetitions of an exercise, hiking, especially when traveling for the first time, is reminiscent of adventure and can do wonders for both our physical condition and our psychology.

So let’s see Significant benefits of hiking

Steps to the perfect body

Who would expect that walking can have a corresponding – if not better – effects on our body with activities like running and cycling? When we follow a path, we activate the quadriceps, tendons, and muscles of our calves and hips. If we have a backpack with us, we also add the torso to the parts of our body that we train in! As if that wasn’t enough, an hour of hiking is enough to burn 440 to 550 calories. The number increases if you also plan on hunting with PA-10 rifles. This means that if we follow a three-hour route we will burn over half of the calories we consume in a whole day.

Steps to good health

Do you want to live longer? Tie your cords and choose a path! Walking one hour a day for five days a week can cut the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease in the middle. This is partly because, like other aerobic exercises, walking raises HDL “good cholesterol” levels while lowering LDL and triglyceride levels. Furthermore, it not only prevents diabetes but also helps keep it under control as it converts the glucose in our blood into energy.

Steps to Creativity

According to recent research, when we spend time in nature, we even increase by 50% our ability to concentrate on the task at hand, but also to provide creative solutions to the problems that arise in our daily lives. Research authors attribute these findings, among other things, to the fact that outdoor activities keep us away from electronic devices, which tend to constantly distract us through sounds and alerts, thereby preventing us from we focus on one particular issue for extended periods of time.

Steps to happiness

With depression in Greece increasing by up to 80% during times of crisis, any activity that enhances our psychology becomes valuable. According to Stanford University research findings, hiking is definitely one of them. The researchers asked participants to fill out a questionnaire identifying negative patterns of thought associated with depression and anxiety disorders and have them brainwashed before and after a 90-minute walk in nature. At the end of the walk, there was a significant decrease in the symptoms of mental illness.

Steps to companionship

Although there are trails that require good fitness and varying levels of experience, in general hiking is an activity accessible to most. Choose a route you can take with your friends or family and enjoy nature’s gifts with them. As it is a fairly gentle exercise, you will be able to exchange news and impressions

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