Secrets of Always Be Slim

Secrets of Always Be Slim. After completing your diet and reaching the desired weight, it is important to stay at the same weight. After all, the success of a diet depends not only on weight loss but also on the duration of the result.

Maintaining a constant weight as a process is easier than slimming. However, you still need to follow a balanced diet, exercise regularly and have self-control.

If you start eating as before or stop exercising, there is a risk of regaining the weight you lost and canceling your entire effort.

Because we don’t want to, read what you need to keep in mind to always be thin.


  • When you were dieting your primary goal was to ensure a calorie deficit on a daily basis, that is, to consume fewer calories than your body burns. Now, your goal should be to get as many calories as your body needs so that you don’t lose weight but also lose weight. You can calculate the number of calories you need through a ‘smart app’ or doing the actions yourself.
  • Remember that in addition to calorie counting, it is important to make sure you provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. Therefore, your diet should include foods from all food groups.
  • Now that you are not on a diet, you can enjoy your favorite foods, always in moderation. One rule that you might find useful is ’80/20′. That is, try to eat healthy foods 80% of the time and allow yourself to indulge in some delicacies 20% of the time.


  • Exercise is the best way to burn calories. Try to include 30 ′ of aerobic exercise (eg walking) daily and 2-3 times a week to choose muscle strength training.
  • At the same time, exercise will help you manage stress, which often leads to increased appetite and overeating.

* Balance has become your best friend during your diet and will continue to be a useful tool for you as it is a practical way to make sure your weight stays stable. It is advisable to weigh yourself once a week in order to be able to detect in time any unwanted weight loss or weight gain.

Secrets of Always Be Slim

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