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Second-hand smoking

Second-hand smoking. Over the past few years, more and more information has appeared that so-called passive smoking contributes to the development of non-smoking diseases typical of smokers.   In recent years, there has been increasing evidence that so-called passive smoking (inhaling air with tobacco smoke) contributes to the development of non-smoking diseases typical of smokers.

The lit cigarette is the source of the side smoke stream (in addition to the main flow enjoyed by smokers), which acts on others. A passive smoker, while indoors with non-stop smoking for one hour, inhales such a dose of some gaseous components of tobacco smoke, which is equivalent to smoking half the cigarette. However, the dose of inhaled solid particles, including tar, is somewhat less and corresponds to smoking out 0.1 part of the cigarette.

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Dangers of Second-hand smoking

The growth of a child is influenced by exposure to tobacco smoke at home, especially if two or more people smoke in the family and if they smoked during the pregnancy of the mother. Bronchitis and pneumonia in children during the first year of life develop more often if the parents smoke. A small child is much worse protected from passive smoking than an adult. In families of smokers, children who are in the same room as parents who smoke are twice as likely to have respiratory illnesses as compared to children whose parents smoke in a separate room or with children whose parents do not smoke.

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However, the results of the study of the health of school-age children in connection with the smoking of their parents no longer say definitely about the dangers of second-hand smoke.

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