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Scientists have found one hundred percent way to quit smoking

Scientists have found one hundred percent way to quit smoking
Scientists have found one hundred percent way to quit smoking. Scientists have found the most effective way to quit smoking. Among many methods, only one showed a truly impressive result.

Smoking is a bad habit that adversely affects the entire body. Quite a few people are aware of the risks of smoking, so they are trying to get rid of this habit. However, this is not easy to do, and over the years it becomes extremely difficult. 

Scientists around the world are trying to develop a way to combat smoking. So, recently, scientists conducted an experiment on a group of six thousand volunteers and tested on them various methods to stop smoking.

For this, study participants were divided into groups. Some were informed about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, others were offered to use nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes. Some participants in the experiment, in turn, were offered a financial reward. Those who can abstain from smoking for six months were promised $ 600 each. 

This method has shown the greatest effectiveness in the fight against smoking. The number of those who quit smoking in other ways was from 0.5 to one percent, while the participants who were offered material benefits coped with the task several times better. 

According to White Sands Brandon, this indicates the inefficiency of common ways of getting rid of nicotine addiction. Scientists believe that this method can be useful for companies, which helps employees get rid of bad habits. 

Interestingly, the financial reward can be the cheapest and most effective method to quit smoking. During smoking, nicotine affects the state of the nerve centers that form a person’s sense of satisfaction. The pleasure from the received material benefit is several times higher, than from smoking. Although it is only one-time. At the same time, the person simply “turns on” the excitement to achieve the desired goal.

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