Scientists have been able to reverse hair loss and wrinkle formation

Scientists have been able to reverse hair loss and wrinkle formation. A new study showed that there is hope for smoothing out wrinkles and restoring lost hair. In any case, scientists were able to do this on mice.

At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, scientists came up with a way to reverse the visible signs of aging. The authors were able to “disable” the corresponding mutation.  

In cells, 90% of the energy is produced by mitochondria, the function of which decreases with age. This leads to many symptoms of aging, including hair loss and wrinkle formation. When mitochondrial DNA does not work, it can cause diseases characteristic of old age: cancer, heart disease, nerve pathologies.

Scientists have activated a mutation in mice that inhibits the action of mitochondria, as happens in humans with aging. In just a few weeks, mice began to lose hair, wrinkles began to appear in them, animals became sleepy. The wrinkles were histologically similar to human ones.

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When scientists “turned off” this mutation, wrinkles and hair loss underwent a reverse development. The appearance of the animals gradually became as it was before the experiment.

“As we know, this observation is unprecedented. However, the aging of the internal organs did not stop when the mutation was turned off. This may mean that the role of mitochondria in skin health is greater than in the health of internal organs, ”said Professor Keshav Singh, author of the study.

This study shows that not only mitochondria are a key factor in the appearance of aging symptoms. At the same time, the symptoms for which mitochondria are responsible can be reversed in the future.

Scientists have been able to reverse hair loss and wrinkle formation

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