Walk in : right advice about it

Right and convenient advice about walking
Right and convenient advice about walking. Walking is the most convenient physical activity. You do not need special sports equipment. The key is to walk a few steps and lose weight. But you have to walk right. How can you explain this easily? Here www.seekers-zone.com going to explain the right way
Several wetlands participated in the experiment. They managed to lose 10 pounds in 5 months. However, there were no restrictions on food intake. Thus, the stroller was given the ideal weight.
The main rule is not to hurry, you will get tired quickly. Don’t go too slow – you won’t get results. Select average speed. If your speed is 5 km / h
Well, you burn 400 calories. Set a time. Select the ascent and control the breath: Breathe in calmly and deeply.
The simple math of the ride looks like this: 1 kilometer a day is about 35,000 steps, which burns 300 calories. To lose 500 grams, you need to burn 3500 calories. That is, you should burn 500 calories every day of the week. To lose a kilo and a half a week, you have to walk 1.5 km every day.

Walk in : right advice about it

1.If you don’t want to walk, make friends. Buy a dog and walk with it.
2.Change the traffic route. Download step-by-step on mobile. The easier it is to understand the number of steps taken.
3.Put the car away, not at work or at home, to allow you to walk.
4.If you are not too far away, walk to work at school.
5Walk up the stairs, which will make your feet more beautiful.
6.Walk with children.
7.Whenever possible, prefer to walk by car.
Finally, walk around in the shoulders and belly. Start walking three times a week for 20 minutes. Remember, walking will improve your health, bring muscle to your toner, make you happier and lose weight without overwhelming diets.
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