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Reiki massage physical energy treatment

Reiki massage physical energy treatment. Reiki is an energy art that has a healing effect and works by simply touching the body. In the difficult and dark times, we are going through, everyone is looking for a way out of the backdrop that most have sunk. Reiki is a positive energy of Love and Light. To me, it is a wonderful and sweet encounter with our inner peace, tranquility, and balance.

But let’s get things started:

Reiki is an energy art that has a healing effect and works by simply touching the body. The person receiving Reiki energy wears all his clothes and rests comfortably. Neither crystals, oils, or mitts are used in the session, as they all have nothing to do with the traditional method that is self-efficacious. With a simple touch to the body, Reiki’s therapist transfers energy to the body.

Once the palms rest on the body, the energy simply flows. It can feel like heat or burning, cold breeze, shivering, tingling, numbness or even electricity and a wave that permeates the body. The energy will enter the body and it is what pulls it in and will go it alone where it is needed.

When a person’s energy flow is stuck or blocked at some point in his body energy or when a point does not have enough vital energy, the corresponding part in the physical body is weak and vulnerable to negative energies, imbalance and illness. This may be due to bad lifestyle, stress, misdiagnosis, unintentional, rough and unnatural diet, abuse, inhumane artificial environment, infection, and radioactivity as well as negative emotions and negative thoughts that block or eliminate the body’s vital energy and shake its vibrations (the body’s total energy/frequency).

Reiki’s energy goes to the cause, not just the symptoms:

it acts slowly and firmly on the root, cleans and unblocks it at a very deep level, and in this way, the change will be total. It is a mild natural energy treatment and it takes time and repetition to repair chronic problems and illnesses. In serious illnesses or critical cases, it is used alongside conventional medicine.

The recipients of Reiki’s energy feel relieved, calm and optimistic from the first session.
Reiki relaxes, rests, balances and rejuvenates the human body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki’s coordinates us with the Supreme Spiritual Light and Selfless Love and brings us in touch with our Inner Self.

It helps a lot in improving overall health, relieving all kinds of pain in the body, faster healing of wounds, chronic diseases, psychosomatic problems, eliminating anxiety, psychological problems, reducing the side effects of classical medicine ( medicines, chemotherapy, and radiation), faster recovery after surgery, restoring problems, physical, mental and mental, and in particular, creating positive emotions. It is still very helpful and supportive of all kinds of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

Literally, the pain at every level, in every area, disappears. The Reiki healer is a person who has opened the channels of Reiki in his body and the healing vital energy can now roll from his hands and run from his palms to another person’s body. Once the palms rest on the body, the energy simply flows.

Reiki brings relaxation and serenity

It detoxifies the body and enhances all the body’s natural functions and fills the body with vitality and pure energy. It cleanses negative thoughts and emotions and brings joy and brightness. It works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and goes where we need it. When the body eliminates everything negative, its self-healing system automatically strengthens.

The vibrations of the person go up and the person feels protected, strong and secure. He is firmly on the ground and knows where he is going. He discovers the joy and opens his heart to an endless, perfect and perfect love that will gradually charge/illuminate his cell. The individual finally attains health, balance, and harmony at all levels: in the body, in the mind, and in the spirit.

Although the Reiki healer can never guarantee a result and never promises to heal, hundreds of thousands of people around the world claim that he has cured too many illnesses and has alleviated or resolved any personal problem, small or large. Nowadays, several researches are being done on its effects on all kinds of diseases and the results are encouraging.

People of all ages can take Reiki if they wish. When the recipient chooses the Reiki method as the main or complementary method of remedying his problem, the sessions are given according to the problem and the needs of the recipient.

Reiki is not self-inflicted

Acting no matter what you believe or even what the person giving it believes, Reiki exists and flows with its own inner intelligence for the Supreme Good. When you accept Reiki, stay receptive and leave everything open. Notice. Trust and let go of the flow. Just accept that everything can be possible! Why not?

A complete Reiki session lasts about 75-90 minutes. The first session usually involves a brief discussion of the recipient’s history and a Reiki treatment of approximately one hour. Subsequent sessions include a brief discussion of the course of treatment and treatment of the same duration.

Reiki massage physical energy treatment

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