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Reduce hunger and strengthen weight loss

Reduce hunger and strengthen weight loss. If our goal is to alleviate our hunger, we need to choose wisely what we put on our plate.

Perhaps the most important and common issue we face when trying to lose weight is hunger. Even if we have eaten a little earlier, we suddenly feel the need to snack and this is how the well-known internal struggle begins: “to ignore our hunger or to eat and spoil our diet?”. The answer is neither, but you can start by reading the Leptitox reviews, it is a very efficient supplement to help you loose weight.

Reduce hunger and strengthen weight loss

Hunger is often the result of a sudden fluctuation in our blood sugar after eating a meal or a snack. Therefore, if our goal is to mitigate it, we should choose wisely what we put on our plate. An important ally in this endeavor is foods that do not cause a large and abrupt increase in our sugar, such as protein and fiber.

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Protein is one of the three main macronutrients (along with carbohydrates and fats) that our body needs to function properly, but also the most famous ingredient in slimming plans. Protein can boost our weight loss in many ways. It has few calories, just 4 per gram, while at the same time fat yields 9 calories per gram. In addition, it brings the feeling of satiety and keeps us full for longer, since our body is slow to digest it, as a result of which it stays more in our stomach. At the same time, protein intake enhances muscle building and recovery, especially when combined with regular exercise. Increased muscle mass is associated with increased metabolism and consequently increased calorie burning.

Finally, protein helps balance our blood sugar levels and prevents the tip of insulin (the one behind the sharp drop in energy and our intense sugar cravings). In fact, when consumed with carbohydrates, it limits the sharp fluctuations in our sugar, resulting in us not being hungry or even less hungry.

Chicken, fish, eggs and dairy are good sources of animal protein, while legumes, buckwheat, oats, spinach and chia seeds are good sources of plant protein.


Fiber is another category of ingredients that should not be missing from our diet since in addition to enhancing the proper functioning of the intestine and heart, binding much of the cholesterol, it is also beneficial for our figure.

Fiber is an indigestible substance, that is, our body cannot digest it, so we are fed up with it. In particular, they absorb water, swell, greatly increasing their volume, and as a result, they stay longer in our gut and consequently fill us up more than digestible foods.

At the same time, they play an important role in the slower absorption of glucose into the blood, so that our sugar does not increase too much when we include them in our meals.

So, when we follow a daily diet rich in fiber, we are able to avoid overeating during the meal and reduce the sudden tingling that “pushes” us to constant snacking and sweets.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and oats are good sources of fiber.

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