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Reasons for High Cholesterol

Reasons for High Cholesterol. Cholesterol afflicts a large number of adults – as well as children – and poses a real threat to our cardiovascular health. However, its real causes are not as widespread as the myths surrounding it. For example, cholesterol contained in foods is not responsible for the increase in cholesterol in our body – without this not saying that our diet does not play a key role in maintaining it at normal levels. So what are the real factors behind its growth?

Seven Reasons You Have High Cholesterol


Excessive consumption of saturated fat can raise our cholesterol. Among other things, many such fats are found in animal products such as beef, pork, milk, butter, and cheese. The same is true for some packaged foods containing coconut oil or cocoa butter, but also for some cases of hard margarine and for most cookies, crackers, and crisps.

Body weight

Overweight and obese people are at increased risk for triglycerides and lower HDL, so-called “good cholesterol”. The risk increases when fat is concentrated in the abdominal area.

Activity levels

A sedentary life may increase bad LDL cholesterol and decrease HDL. Another reason to finally get into the gym.

Gender and age

Cholesterol begins to rise from the age of 20 onwards, while in men it usually stabilizes at around age 50. In contrast, women’s cholesterol levels usually remain low until menopause and then rise to approximately the same level as men.

General health status

Various chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism tend to cause high cholesterol. Your doctor will tell you about the potential risks based on the results of your annual checkup.

Family history

As with many illnesses, apart from your lifestyle, heredity also plays an important role. So, if your dad or mom is upset about “cholesterol,” it’s best to keep that in mind.


Did you know that smoking is bad? Okay, obviously you knew it, but maybe you hadn’t heard it affect your cholesterol before. So is it time to break this damaging habit?

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