HomenutritionQuince: The superfood of November

Quince: The superfood of November

Quince: The superfood of November. What are the benefits of quince for our health? let’s see the details of Quince properties.

It looks like an apple, but it also resembles a pear. It has been described as a symbol of love, but also a “golden fruit”. The quince is currently at its best. Let’s enjoy it!

What it offers us: Quince is rich in fiber, while it also has a high content of vitamins C, B, and D, copper, and potassium. It also contains a lot of tannins (due to its astringent taste), which have a strong antioxidant effect, and pectin (soluble fiber), which helps control blood cholesterol levels, helps treat constipation and helps those who want to lose weight.

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Freshness test : We choose large, hard and yellow quinces, without black spots and wrinkled skin.

In the kitchen: The quince is not eaten raw due to its astringent taste, but it makes a wonderful jam, dessert, quince paste (quince jelly), compote, and liqueur. It can also accompany meat (eg pork, beef, chicken) instead of potatoes.

Refrigerate: If not beaten, quinces can be stored in a cool place for up to 3 weeks. Otherwise, we can put them in food bags and keep them in the refrigerator for about 2 months.

Tips: Before cooking, remove the seeds and grate it well to remove the fluff. We must also be careful with the amount of sugar we add because the quince sweetens as it is cooked.

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