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Pros and cons of the Hollywood diet

Do you believe in Hollywood dieting? Have you ever heard of a Hollywood diet? Do you know the Pros and cons of the Hollywood diet? Hollywood is synonymous with success, luxury, and celebrity, many of whom envy not only money and lifestyle, but also appearance and character. But for these perfect bodies, these people did not come free, but we do not mean the art of world plastic surgeons now. The Hollywood diet is a trend that has grown quite rapidly among the “ordinary mortals.” It is a very strict diet that specializes in the lowest energy intake for a few days.

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Hollywood 48 hour miracle diet

Hollywood 48 hour miracle diet basically take from juice form. Normally it is call ‘hollywood diet juice’ or hollywood diet drink. Most of them artificial and harmful to intestine.

Hollywood Diet – Dangerously Fast Weight Loss?

Every nutritionist will tell you that reasonable weight loss is slow and long-lasting. Only such weight loss is suitable for our body, it is friendly and it also eliminates the risk of a dreaded jo-jo effect. Famous beauties are often known for their crazy diets bordering on the high risk of collapse and permanent damage to health. Is this diet too dangerous?

The aim of this so-called Hollywood diet is a very rapid reduction of kilograms and excess fat in the body. The Hollywood diet is very popular in America, but it has only arrived recently.

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What is the essence of the Hollywood diet – is it healthy, harmless, does it work?

The principle is easy. The basis is all-day consumption of fruit and vegetables, but this quantity should not exceed 1500 kJ to 2000 kJ per day. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten in the raw state, then recommended seafood, shrimp or lobster is appropriate. The diet also specializes in a minimum of carbohydrates, but this is the danger and the greatest risk. The body needs carbohydrates to function properly. They are the main source of energy for us. Their complete elimination from the diet means the risk of major annoyances, headaches, nausea, digestive problems, and even collapse.

Because of the dietary challenges and the dramatic starvation it poses, this method of weight loss is short-lived and because of the high risk of the jo-jo effect, it is also not completely effective.

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The Pros and Cons of the Hollywood Diet

The indisputable benefits of the so-called Hollywood diet include fast weight loss and effective detoxification due to a high intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. In terms of disadvantages, the biggest is the health risk due to a lack of carbohydrates. Furthermore, the almost guaranteed jo-jo effect and the fact that the diet can not be kept for a long time. This method of weight loss, however, is by no means the only one that is considered to be amazing and guaranteed to work, and yet discovered by Hollywood beauties and beauty. Other methods include: 5 days eat anything, 2 days afterward.

According to the diet of Jana Divoké, rapid weight loss is also inappropriate for the psyche and for stress. It’s understandable if VIPs lose weight because of the role. This is known, for example, by Bridget Jones, aka Renée Zellweger, or an affectionate Christian Bale.

However, it is necessary to think that some of the eating disorders will not occur. So change your lifestyle slowly to make changes well and have a chance to stay. This is the only way to avoid the jo-jo effect, ie the return of lost kilos and often poor meals.

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