HomenutritionProcessed foods lead to male infertility

Processed foods lead to male infertility

Processed foods lead to male infertility
Processed foods lead to male infertility. A study of some 3,000 men, aged 18 to 20, found that those following a processed meat, pizzas, soft drinks and burgers had worse sperm quality than those who ate healthier.

Vegetarian men showed higher sperm counts, as did those whose diet included fish and whole grains, making them more fertile.

As men’s nutrition has gotten worse in recent decades, the average number of sperm has fallen to around 60%.

Processed foods lead to male infertility

Harvard researchers have compared the number of healthy spermatozoa consuming large quantities of processed foods to those following a healthier diet.

Men who consumed more processed foods produced 25.6 million fewer sperm than men on a diet rich in chicken, fish, vegetables and dairy products.
Dr Jorge Chavarro, who led the study from Harvard University, said: “We see a lower sperm count and some men fall below the reference range.”
“This is the largest study of these findings with regard to young men,” he adds.

“The reason behind this difference in male sperm count is of course nutrition, and even antioxidants. Men with a healthier diet also consume more antioxidants, “the researchers said.

“With pizzas, crisps and red meat we know that oxidative stress increases, producing very bad sperm,” they said of the study’s findings.

The best measurements were observed in men following a balanced diet, rich in fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits and plenty of water. Nutrition recommended by researchers.

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